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These are the mods I currently use for my games with friends

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Big thanks to the creators of the Mods !

The mod compilation is not suitable for beginners. But for people who are familiar with the game Baldur gate 3.

Rough summary of what the mods do:

More magic spells, level up to LVL 8 (after lvl8 game crash), more feats, Enemy changes include: more hp, AC, movement, damage, special attacks, more enemies, better summons, more enemies and a new encounter. Resources: cursed items, heavier barrels, fix some bugs in game. Player changes: Hide full action and need DC15 stealth check, Shove a full action and not automatic is sneaking, change to wet status and jump if free but once per turn.


0 Patch3Modfixer.pak

1 nrd_killstory.pak

2 ImproveUI Patch9 Hotfix30

3 5eSpells

4 Expansion

5 Expansion Short Rest

6 ExpansionRogue

7 More Feats - Patch 8

8 featsextra

9 backgroundfeats

10 Honormode

11 honormodeaddonsupplies

12 Armaments of the Sword Coast

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Jan 17, 2023
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