Gun-play Paradise
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Gun-play Paradise

Gun-play Paradise is a complete combat overhaul with some extra visuals to make the game pop.

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Sep 13, 2022


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WIP this will get additions/removals as I play-through and troubleshoot

Gun-play Paradise is a complete combat overhaul with some extra visuals to make the game pop and tons of qol to make it more enjoyable. it will be challenging but still playable from a casual perspective, enemies die fast, you die faster ghouls and humans don't even compare to the might of the super mutants. Expect to die a lot, you may even be one shot many times, the main goal was to turn the game into a proper cover shooter. maybe its lore friendly idk.

all of the mods are generally sfw except for HD gore and a melee sfx mod for whatever reason

Main features:

New AI that makes for a more interesting experience Full bullet physics and effects Galac-tac is installed so if you need better armor goto your chem station Adhesive isn't a pain anymore Lootable cars shopkeepers drop items on death, dozens of new guns, better visuals, hundreds of new base-building pieces, immersive loot and more!

Before you start

All DLC are required, playing in first person is intended

Adjust your sound sliders, you will notice early on that guns don't all sound like bb's now Manage your mcm menu to your liking

It is STRONGLY recommended that you play on "Very Hard" difficulty or higher due to the modpack being balanced for that.

Setting up reshade for yourself is recommended as well, if I figure out how to upload my preset I will link it here in the future

Also be aware that you need a doctor to cure addictions.

Known Issues

1.when/if the s.p.e.c.i.a.l. menu gets stuck on your screen on game start do: hidemenu specialmenu then player.showspecialmenu to reset it and continue

  1. diamond city has issues rendering textures but is still playable

  2. using "take all" can crash if you are transferring many weapons

  3. see through scopes sadly is not compatible with many of the mods here

  4. you cant really rename weapons

  5. The main menu runs at a very low fps

  6. the item preview in the pip boy sometimes displays the wrong model

Let me know what you think!

have a mod suggestion, some constructive criticism or you just really enjoy it please leave feedback, thanks for checking this out. i will also be streaming it occasionally on twitch:


Revision 2: added green grass"True Grass" mod

Revision 3: -made medx and stims rarer -added institute powerarmor, -added power armor hud, -added 2 new shotguns and 1 new sniper, -updated all available updateable mods.

Revision 4: -Removed doombased weapons merged for balance reasons -Fixed combined arms integration project -added caravan shotgun -Updated mods


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