Horizon Framework

Horizon Framework

A few starting mods and a framework of groups and rules to make Horizon easier to manage

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Horizon Framework

This Framework is designed to help people get started with Horizon.

Horizon is almost a whole new game that just happens to use Fallout 4 as its engine. I recommend most people start with just Horizon before trying to add new features/functions. Horizon is true total game overhaul. You will not need additional mods such as AWKCR, BLD, DEF_UI, Sorting mods, Scrap Everything, or even Sim Settlements (to name just a few). The same, or similar features from these mods are included with Horizon.

Custom Sorting Groups and rules

The custom groups and rules included in this collection will make sorting horizon patches much easier.

  • Put ESM plugins in the Master ESMs group
  • Put ESL plugins in the ESLs group
  • Put patches for Horizon (standalone or replacer ESPs) in the HZ Patches group
  • Put FallUI plugins in the FallUI group

Do not make changes to any of the other groups unless you know what you are doing.

For more in-depth information see my tutorial on github.

Recommendations and Patches

Once again, if you are new to Horizon I recommend using it by itself for a bit to learn its features. Even if/when you do decide to add mods on top of Horizon I still recommend a small list.

If you are looking for some mod recommendations to go along with Horizon check out Greb's Horizon Essential Mods. It is a small list with mostly quality of life additions.

The Illusion has also started work on a central location for Horizon patches that includes Greb's list as well as the extensive spreadsheet maintained by Bigglesworth.

Feedback is welcome! If you have any issues or questions please let me know

Version History

Revision 4:

  • Description update
  • Added FallUI group for sorting

Revision 3:

  • Removed optional mod
  • Made Buffout 4 Required
  • Added notes to INI tweaks

Revision 2 :

  • Added recommended INI tweaks

Revision 1

  • Initial Upload
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