The Restoration II
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Total Overhaul

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The Restoration II

Cut Content, Updated Visuals, and other modernizations

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Dec 27, 2021


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First, this requires a Steam version of the game.

Second, please download this Cut Content mod through Steam.

Then download this collection.

Now play and enjoy.

What's in this?

  • Restored cut content

  • Some balance changes

  • Better Visuals and Effects

  • Some small additions to flesh things out

FEEDBACK & Support

Feedback isn't just welcome, its requested. Have a tip? Mod you think I should look at including? Question? Please leave a comment or @ me on the discord ArtificerSills#7454

The only exception to support is if you have other mods installed. I can't know what will happen with anything that I haven't tested. You are welcome to make changes, but then it is your list and I wish you the best of luck in bug squashing.

Shoutout to the mod authors! ------>

Without these fine folks this list wouldn’t be possible. I’m just here to produce a experience between the mods I enjoy having in my own game. They did all the hard work and deserve a endorsement to their mods. So make sure to endorse and show them you appreciate their work too.

Check out the KotoR collection The Restoration

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Legacy of Skyrim For Skyrim SE 1.5x version


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