💀Pod's All In One Personal Overhaul💀
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Total Overhaul

Revision 3

💀Pod's All In One Personal Overhaul💀

Relentlessly Picked over and adjusted for the maximum amount of challenge and fun. This Collection Contains everything you need for Graphics/LoD/Lighting/Quality of Life/and most of all the Challange.

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Aug 31, 2022


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-Freedom of Flight

-Complete Overhaul of the Flight System 
-0g flight in space
-Faster Planetary Landings
-Fly under land bridges
-Cruise Control
-This mod will make you good at flying.

-Get to the fun part

-Terrain Editor Installed
-Scanner Installed
-16 Runes Known
-Start with 
	-250 Sodium,Oxy,Copper
	-10 Launch Fuel 
	-500 Tritium
-Ship and Multitool Repaired
-Just summon your ship get in and take off and the quests will catch up.

-Random Ship and Equipment

-Start Game With Random Ship and Multitool
-Skip long intro looking around at the planet scene on new game start.
-Multiple Player Freighters In a System

-Combat Damage

-All Damage Increased 

-Fewer Storms and Longer Days

-4x Longer Days (longer sunrise and sunset)
-Storms don't happen every 10-15 min now.

-More Sentinels

-Changed the Spawn Tables for all Sentinel Waves

-Sentinel Difficulty

-Changed Attack Damage and Strats AI uses

-Frigates Only In Space

-Improve the 'mersions

-DUD's Sky

-All around great bunch of mods to make the game look and run better.

-From your NoMansSky/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/MODS Folder             

-DUD's Sky Colors

-More Variety in Sky Colors

-HD Clouds

-No Bloom Effect

-Quick Crates

-No More Rusted Metal to Slow you down

-Quiet Please

-Less Annoying Suit Voice

-Remove Lag When Leaving Planets

-Shorter Discovery Popups

-Black Bar Screen Shorter

-Skip Intro Logos

-True Blood

-Red Blood instead of Green

-True Royal Colors

-More Vibrant Royal Ships and Weapons

-Uninstall Core Mods

-Lets you Delete Pulse Lasers


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