Permadeath Survival (Performance)
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Permadeath Survival (Performance)

THIS VERSION USES VANILLA TEXTURES - IF YOU ARE ON A NEWER PC YOU MAY WANT TO USE THE 4K VERSION! This is a new collection which turns Skyrim into a hardcore permadeath survival game which starts you at a random place in Skyrim with a choice of basic equipment. There are lots of extra mods included aimed at those wanting to play a Khajiit sneak/archer. You can adjust how difficult you want the game to be by experimenting with the settings in the MCM menus for Sunhelm, Hunterborn, Campfire, Ashes, Immersive Creatures and Timing is Everything. If you play using legendary difficulty with the default settings you may not even make it the nearest town, and heading out into the wilderness or exploring dungeons at lower levels would be suicidal. I would recommend starting with adept difficulty and seeing how it goes. The way permadeath works is that when you die a file is created in your SkyrimVR folder which will prevent you from loading any saves for that character. So you then need to delete those saves and make a new character. It is possible to delete the permadeath file and reload - but that defeats the object of installing the mod unless you die because of a glitch. One important thing to note is that the latest version of the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch no longer works with Skyrim VR and the author of the mod will not allow users to download any older versions. However, the version you require is still available from Nexus Mods and I have specified that the collection should use that exact version. If for any reason this doesn't work I will provide a direct link to the archived nexus file below. IMPORTANT: This collection will install 250 .esp plugin files - as Skyrim VR does not support .esl files if you add more than 254 your game will crash, or in the best case scenario not load any plugins from 255 onwards...

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You can install the mods in any order but the last three steps should be installing the Legacy of the Dragonborn FOMOD Patcher, generating and installing the DynDOLOD Textures & Output .zips (don't include any Midwood locations) and finally installing A Clear map of Skyrim Parts 1 & 2. If you manage to get everything installed correctly the inline LOOT system in Vortex will still have eleven warnings/recommendations - the only one you need to take any notice of is the Immersive Creatures one which asks you to disable the Dwemer Spectre spawns in the MCM menu in game. Simples! This collection now has 250 active plugins - If you go beyond this the game will either crash on loading or if you are lucky run but not load any plugins from 255 onwards. It is possible to merge simple plugins of a similar type that are already consecutive in your load order and have no conflicts using zEdit, but I am not allowed to distribute merged files and/or include them in a collection. Merging files can cause serious problems and means you would have to uninstall and remerge any mods should you wish to update or remove etc. Not recommended unless you really know what you are doing :)


Survival Mods:

Sunhelm - Adds hunger, thirst, fatigue, and hypothermia

SunHelm Auto Eat and Drink - Uses food and drink from inventory

Hunterborn - Adds dressing, skinning, harvesting, and butchering

Ashes - Adds injuries, item loss chance, lives, and permadeath

Campfire - Adds fires, tents and survival/crafting skills

Campsites in Skyrim - Adds twenty new campsites around Skyrim

Convenient Carriages - Adds more routes and storage/delivery services

Crafting Recipe Distributor - Allows smelting of weapons and armour

Craftable Crafting for Campfire - Build your own anvil and smelter

Delayed Arrows VR - Inhibit your inner Legolas

Improved Traps (Dangerous Edition) - Proceed with caution

Even Longer Respawning Cells - Dungeons and Caves stay cleared longer

Dead NPC Body Cleaner - Remove that embarrassing trail of corpses

Non-Essential Children - Get rid of those last few pesky witnesses

No More Couriers* - Removes all couriers from the game (optional download)

*Please note that this mod will prevent any quests which require the delivery of a message from a courier from starting unless you also install Skald's Mail or another mod that delivers messages to a mailbox.

No Starting Healing or Flames Spells - Start with no spells

Realistic Underwater Breathing - Hold your breath for 60 seconds

Smelters of Skyrim - Adds smelters to Riften, Solitude, Falkreath and Riverwood

Real VR Weathers - Adds more intense weather and darker nights

Darkened Dungeons - Turns off ambient lighting in dungeons

Wild Horses of the Grasslands - Adds a 'ridable' herd of wild horses

Simply Faster Horses - Gives your mount a slight speed boost

Wandering Merchants - Adds a variety of travelling merchants

The Bazaar - Adds a 24/7 Khajiit market outside Whiterun

Random Alternate Start* - Get dropped in at the deep end

*This mod requires a small edit to your /My Games/Skyrim VR/SkyrimVR.ini file to function correctly and you are advised to change the load order after installation. You should add:



To the end of the file in notepad and save it - this disables physical sneaking via crouching, but you are still able to sneak using the thumbstick controller. If you don't do this you will get stuck with the main menu and character creation menu overlapping and be unable to proceed. Once installed I recommend you double click on the plugin in Vortex and add it to the Alternate Start group. This will move it down the load order and make you spawn in the correct cell upon starting a new game. If you don't do this it will still work, but you will spawn in a fiery hellish version of the same cell although you will suffer no damage. While you are there you may want to experiment with the following arrow settings:





These will reduce the size of the zone the arrow will snap onto the bow and reduce the length you need to pull the string to fully draw it. I would like to move the arrow further forwards when drawn as the end is past the string - but I couldn't get this to change - it is possible VRIK is overwriting those settings. If you like to play an open-sandbox style game as opposed to a quest driven approach I would also recommend adding:



to your SkyrimVR.ini file - BUT ONLY AFTER YOU HAVE HAVE STARTED A NEW SAVE as otherwise you will die if you change race when creating your character in the Random Start cell - This setting will allow you to kill any NPC whether they are required by a quest or not. But your actions have consequences and if combined with the optional No More Couriers - you will be able to avoid and/or kill off any quests before they even begin :)

Player Homes:

Hobbington Hole - A well stocked starter home for the vertically-challenged near Whiterun

Hobbington Hole Upgrade - Adds a chopping block, water pool and chests

The Ragged Rest - A cosy thieves den with plenty of display space adjoining the Ragged Flagon in Riften

Gameplay Enhancements :

Additional Dwemer Clutter Smelting - Melt all those Dwemer artifacts into ingots

Timing is Everything - Start/delay main quest lines when/until you are ready

Ordinator - Adds a large number of new perks and modifies existing ones

Wanderer's Backpacks - adds craftable backpacks which help you carry all that loot

Dwemer Gates Don't Reset - Does what it says on the brass

Khajiit Speak Redux - Khajiitifies dialogues and on-screen messages

Khajiits Steal Too - Fence your stolen goods via Khajiit merchants

A series of crazy Dwemer themed quests/technology :

  1. Blackreach Railroad

  2. Brhuce Hammar Legacy (Adult?)

  3. Aethernautics

  4. The Lost Wonders of Mzark

  5. Fyr Manor

  6. Dwemer Spectres

  7. The Wheels of Lull

New Quests/Locations:

Darkend - Explore the Island of Pharos

Falskaar - A hidden land in the ruins of Mzubthand

Land of Vominheim - Explore the Island of Vominheim

Legacy of the Dragonborn - New quests, a new guild and a museum in Solitude

Legends of Aetherium - A Dwemer themed quest/dungeon to explore

Maids II Deception (ADULT?) - Maids, assassins and tropical islands

Midwood Isle - Explore the island of Midwood

Project AHO - A Dwemer themed adventure starting in Mixwater Mill

The Forgotten City - Hidden secrets in the Forgotten Ruins

The Helm Of Btharznd - Explore Dwemer ruins beneath Dark End's Mine

Hammet Dungeon Pack - Adds lots of new dungeons to Skyrim

*Items and Sounds:

Immersive Armors - Adds a wide variety of new craftable armor types

Immersive Weapons - Adds a wide variety of new craftable weapon types

Immersive Music - Adds hours of extra background music

Immersive Sounds - Replaces/upgrades most of the original sounds

Binaural 3D Surround Sound - Creates accurate 3D spatial sounds - Must be downloaded manually and copied into the SkyrimVR folder.

Replace Nirnroot Sound with Wind Chimes - Slightly less annoying

Creatures and Enemies:

Complete Enemy Overhaul - Makes enemies a lot tougher to deal with

Immersive Patrols - Adds regular patrols by the various military factions

Immersive Creatures - Adds a wide variety of new creatures to fight/hunt

Diverse Dragons Collection - Adds a variety of dragons with new abilities, strengths and weaknesses

Minotaurs Mihail Monsters - Adds a variety of minotaurs to Skyrim

Splendor Dragon Variants - Adds a massive variety of new looks for dragons

Followers and NPCs:

AI Overhaul SSE - Increases the complexity of the NPCs behaviours

Nordic Faces - Upgrades vanilla NPCs faces without turning all the women into Barbie dolls

Tavern Followers and Companions Pack - Adds 24 new followers scattered around Skyrim

Better Followers - Improves the performance of vanilla followers

Better Stealth AI for Followers - Improves the stealth of vanilla followers

Dominions More Khajiit - Adds twenty Khajiit NPCs to Skyrim

Layla: Female Khajiit Follower - Adds an NPC to Anise's Cabin

More Kats of Skyrim - Adds a vast number of Khajiit NPC's

Royal Family Cats - Adds three Khajiit NPCs near Riverwood

Za'yla Elementalist Khajiit - Add a Khajiit NPC to Winterhold

Kheshsiri - Adds a Khajiit NPC near Whiterun

Player Mods:

Ordinator Perks of Skyrim - Adds a massive variety of new perks

Vampire Body for VR - Look your best when out on the prowl for some lunch

Werewolf Body for VR - Hairy feet and hands during those awkwardly timed full moons

Core VR:

VRIK Player Avatar VR - Equip weapons and cast spells with your hands instead of menus

Instant Equip VR - Makes equipping/unequipping weapons/spells instant

HIGGS VR - Grab and interact with weapons and other items with your hands

Weapon Throw VR - Throw your sword, axe or mace etc at enemies

Mine, Chop and Drop - Realistic VR Mining and Wood Cutting

Navigational Aids:

A Clear Map of Skyrim - Much more detailed map with roads etc

Coloured Map Markers for VR - Brightly colour coded map markers

Misc Quest Markers - A variety of mods to add missing quest markers

Get Out Of My Way - A friendly way to push NPCs out of the way

Im Walkin' Here VR - Allows you to pass through your followers


The Choice is Yours - Prevents quests being forced on you

Quest Journal Limit Bug Fixer - Restores missing active quests to the journal

UI Improvements:

SkyUI-VR - Improvement over vanilla menus with added functionality

Crosshairs with different colours VR - Red and green crosshairs

Dear Diary VR* - Paper themed menus for SkyUI-VR

*It is recommended that you add the following lines to your main /SkyrimVR/Skyrim.ini file which makes reading and navigating the perk trees much better in VR - the .ini lines are towards the bottom of the mod page.

Quality of Life Improvements:

Essential Favorites VR - Prevents you from selling or giving away favourite items

Linked Crafting Storage - Eliminates the need to gather materials before crafting or enchanting

Simple Horse SE - Whistle for your mount, and prevent them from trying to attack dragons etc

Black Books Work In Skyrim Too - Travel to Apocrypha from anywhere

Khajiit Merchant Tracker - Track those elusive merchants

Dialogue Movement Enabler VR - Move around during conversations

Khajiit Prowess - Run, jump and fall faster, higher and further (all races)

No Stagger Mod - Prevents you from being staggered in melee combat

Dawnguard/HearthFire random attack disabled - Eliminates most unprovoked attacks

Mannequins Behave - Keeps your mannequins in place

NPCs don't follow through doors - Does what it says on the tin

Simple Offence Suppression VR - Stops accidental hostilities

To Your Face VR - Prevents people talking to the back of your head

Simple Better Shrine Blessings - Slightly better and longer blessings

Archery Gameplay Enhancements:

Archery Gameplay Overhaul SE - Makes archery more realistic

Locational Damage SKSE VR - Damage and effects based on where you hit

Arrows and Bolts Tweaks SE - Faster, straighter arrows

Belt Fastened Quivers - Moves quiver horizontally below backpack

Auto Recharge Weapons SE - Recharges weapons from filled soul gems

No BS AI Projectile Dodge - Stops miraculous NPC dodging

Simple Bow Crafting SE - Craft bows based on archery skills

Naashi - Female Khajiit Archer/Assassin Follower

Visual/Aesthetic Improvements:

Skyland AIO - Provides a wide variety of high quality landscape textures

Realistic Water Two SE - High quality water textures

Underwater Visibility Fix - See where you are swimming

Security Overhaul SKSEVR - New regional lock variations

The Sharper Eye - a lightweight VR ReShade - Improves display clarity significantly

Although The Sharper Eye mod is available on Nexus it is not listed in this collection as you have to download the files and manually put them in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SkyrimVR folder.

Dynamic Distant Objects LOD - DynDOLOD - Improves Tree loading etc

Vortex will install the required packages for DynDOLOD but you must download the core packages manually and run the two executables to generate the LOD data etc. If you open the folder there is an .html guide with a video walk-through at the bottom of the page. I have now bundled the generated DynDOLOD and DynDOLOD files which you can use if you are not sure how to generate these files yourself or just can't be bothered...

Before you start

Whilst I have tested all of these mods and can confirm there are no inherent conflicts, you need to read the installation instructions and requirements of each mod very carefully as it is very easy to get the wrong version e.g. SE or AE instead of VR etc. As a general rule I would recommend always installing/downloading the mods from the files tab rather than the Vortex button on the Description page as this will always install the default version which might not be the VR or SE version you need. Many mods will add an MCM menu option so you can tweak the settings, but if they don't it is worth looking at the .ini files as you can make tweaks here and some mods require important functionality to be enabled there. I also recommend you TURN OFF Advanced Supersample Filtering in the the Steam VR>Settings>Video menu otherwise you might get stuttering in your headset when you move or turn...

There are also several utility/patch mods you need to install which are requirements for most of the mods already listed, so probably best to start with these then work your way down the list from the top.

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch You must use this exact version - later versions will not work with VR and this version is no longer available from the mod page.

Skyrim VR - USSEP 4.2.2 and SSE 1.5.97 Patch: I have now bundled the generated Skyrim VR Core USSEP 4.2.1 and SSE 1.5.97 file with the collection in case you are not sure how to do this or just can't be bothered...

SKSEVR This is the only mod not included or linked to directly - it must be downloaded and installed as a tool in Vortex.

SkyUI-VR Direct link now provided in collection.

Skyrim VR Tools

VR Address Library for SKSEVR

powerofthree's Tweaks VR


Papyrus Extender VR

Visual C++ Redistributables 2019

IMPORTANT: Once you have installed all of the mods you will need to launch it using the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SkyrimVR\sksevr_loader.exe rather than Steam. You can add this as a tool in Vortex (just point the tool launcher to the .exe file by clicking on the folder icon) and then you can click on the three dots and make it the primary tool, which will be used whenever you launch Skyrim VR from within Vortex.

This is the hardware I used to test this collection:

Oculus Rift S

GPU Radeon RX590 Series

RAM 16.0 GB

CPU i7-10700 2.90 GHz

Compatible collections

I cannot confirm if any other collection are compatible with this one, although many have some of the same mods


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