F3 ~ Immersive Requiem

F3 ~ Immersive Requiem

Complete Immersive Requiem ModPack by F3niix | Explore, Fight, Craft, Follow your destiny.

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This collection was created in order to improve the gameplay on the game Skyrim. It will be in constant evolution, mods can be added at any time as well as Patches.

It also adds many DLCs for an average of around ~ 100 hours of additional games

This is also my first collection so feel free to make suggestions to help me improve it! Works with most PC configurations (NO ENB)

  • GAME VERSION : 1.6.640 Or 1.5.97
  • Disk Storage required : 62.5 GB

This collection supports "Multiplayer" mod on skyrim.

Main features

Graphics, Overhaul, Combat, Scripts, Playerhome, Environments... It adds lots of realistic graphics, new environments, new builds, new gameplay systems. It also adds many DLCs for an average of around ~ 100 hours of additional games

  • High resolution texture overhauls
  • New and improved creatures
  • Combat and perk overhauls
  • Camera and UI improvements
  • Difficulty and scaling rebalance
  • New weapons and armour
  • Expanded quests + new lands
  • NPC overhauls and new followers
  • Changed experience system
  • Nerw DLC's : Falskaar, Wyrmstooh, Bruma, Vominheim, Forgotten City, Beyond Reach, And Others..

/!\ Warning /!\

  • This Collection is only playable for The Elder Scrolls ~ Skyrim, Special Edition and Anniversary Edition.
  • Do not add or remove mods within the collection, otherwise it will become unusable.


  • Skyrim Special Edition or Anniversary Edition.
  • Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2019 updated here: Download Link
  • SKSE64 SE or AE Build: Download Link
  • Part 2 of Engine Fixes - skse64 Preloader and TBB Lib (MANUALLY): Download Link
  • BestOfBoth Patcher (MANUALLY): Download Link (BestOfBoth_1.6.640.0- => Or games version: 1.6.640 to 1.6.353 Download Link


  1. Download the collection via Vortex.

  2. Checked to have "Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2019" up to date.

  3. Installed SKSE64 SE or AE Build.

  4. Manually download Part 2 of "Engine Fixes - skse64 Preloader and TBB Lib" and install (MANUALLY) => Extract and drag the contents of the folder into the root of your games.

  5. Download "BestOfBoth Patcher" (MANUALLY) and follow the installation instructions. (BestOfBoth_1.6.640.0-

  6. Create a new tool in the launcher Nexus: Example

    • Name: Reqtificator
    • Target: path to the data folder in your skyrim installation\Reqtificator.bat
    • Command Line : leave blank
    • Start In : leave blank

Then, *launch the tool you just created and choose your Patch options. (All but the first, as default) Once installed, check that the "Requiem for the Indifferent.esp" plugin is enabled.

  1. You can now play F3 ~ Immersive Requiem by F3niix, good game! :D

Added mods

WARNING ! THIS OPERATION CAN BREAK YOUR MOD COLLECTION !!! For any additions, enable, disable or removal of mods, you must launch the "Reqtificator.bat" tool.


You can describe your problems via the "forum" of bugs, I will answer you as soon as possible.

DISCORD : Work in Progress..


Work in Progress..

My other projects

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  • F3 ~ Immersive Requiem Patch FR : Work in Progress..
  • F3 ~ Immersive Rôleplay : Work in Progress..
  • F3 ~ Immersive Rôleplay Patch FR : Work in Progress..
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  • F3 ~ Whiterun Extended : Link
  • F3 ~ RiverWood Extended : Link


Thank you to all the content creators who allowed me to create this little collection.

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