[Cuboid] Enhanced Together Reborn
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[Cuboid] Enhanced Together Reborn

A medium-sized modpack meant to be played with Skyrim Together Reborn. It enhances graphics, makes gameplay a little more complex and makes life a little bit easier.

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Aug 28, 2022


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This collection is still in the testing. If you care, I will update the description after we test it.

Main features

Most of the mods are either script-free, light on scripts, or are tested by the community over at Skyrim Together GitHub page. It is a modpack meant to enhance Skyrim Together Reborn gameplay, while maintaining stability. I made the list for me and my friends (who are new to Skyrim modding), but if anybody actually cares let me know and I might write a better description


  1. Download, open and load a new game of Skyrim SE before doing anything else
  2. Open Vortex mod manager, add Skyrim SE to managed games, click on profiles, "Add Skyrim Special Edition profile" and turn that profile on
  3. Add this collection through the nexus page, than click on collections (Vortex again), and install it.
  4. It should start with SKSE64 you need to install externally (Vortex should help you with that, if it doesn't - you need to install it yourself)
  5. If you have nexus premium - good for you! If you don't - you will need to click install about 70 times (it is not that painful, the modlist isn't large) - just do what Vortex tells you to do
  6. After everything is done, head to https://github.com/ArranzCNL/ImprovedCameraAE/releases/tag/v1.0.0 and download improved camera AE, put the archive in the Vortex Downloads/skyrimse (or whatever you called it) folder and install the mod through Vortex
  7. Now you should be good to go. To run the game the play button on the top left (near Skyrim icon) should work, if it doesn't - go to your dashboard
  8. Setup Skyrim Together Reborn server - to do that head on to their page and follow the instruction there

Additionally: I really don't know if it will work, I will let you know of bugs (or lack there of) we encounter while playing, maybe change some mods if they break the game.

Requirements Just make sure you are running the same mods as your friends

Best practices I don't fckn know, I won't buy Skyrim SE on a new Steam account to test this collection

Recommended specs

If you can play normal Skyrim on highest settings, you should be all right with this list.

Compatible collections

Probably none. Skyrim Together Reborn is really picky about mod compatibility, and (I'm pretty sure) it runs on semi-randomized code connected with some dark magic to determent which of the more advanced mods will work and which will fry your computer. I'm not a coder, nor a dark magician, so I won't tell you what mods can you run additionally. But if you have a stick up your ass and have to run different mods, than change the textures, that shouldn't affect Skyrim Together Reborn

Ending notes

I'd be really surprised if anybody at all reads this, but if you have any questions, you can ask me, and I might answer after about half a year (at most!)

Have fun with the buggy mess a modded Skyrim Together Reborn playthrough will probably be!


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