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Spell and Sword

An all in one collection which completely changes all major aspects of Skyrim, with new adventures, gear, and mechanics, as well as the PROTEUS mod, allowing for several player characters to exist within the same save. Very newbie-friendly, with over 90% of the work being automated, with a few simple manual steps required.

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A total overhaul, plug and play collection that completely changes the way you play Skyrim.

Modding Skyrim can be hard at times. You have to keep track of so many moving parts, like conflicts, missing patches, having your game crash because you equipped a specific hat in a specific building. But thanks to the new collections feature, looks like I can do something about that!

This collection is big. Over 400 mods, that change pretty much everything: Graphics, Combat, Exteriors, Interiors, and much more! But it still keeps the soul of the original game, and it's not too difficult for someone coming from vanilla to jump in. Over 90% of the work done installing this collection is done automatically, with just a few simple steps that have to be done on your end.


If you come across any bugs, please be sure to report them in the comments section, otherwise I have no clue what to fix!

If you're having a more serious game breaking issue such as a crash to desktop, contact me on Discord (Profanitizer#2507) so I can more directly help solve the issue.

KNOWN ISSUES (Revision 24):

  • Your game may CTD during the "First Lessons" quest at the College of Winterhold. This usually happens only once, maybe twice (for some reason) and will not crash the next time round. The log generated is useless, and I can't find any help regarding this online, so for now I guess it just has to stay?
  • Immersive Movement reports damaged archives when installing. Ignore it, it installs just fine.
  • I may have done a oopsie woopsie with the MCM Recorder preset. It's an easy fix though. Go into the bundled MCM recorder mod and edit the Spell and Sword.json file to add a comma on the (second last, i believe?) line. Will be fixed by next revision am big stupid.


Do these steps before installing the collection!

PS. You can right click and open images in new tab if you need to zoom in.

  1. Install the ENB Base files, and extract the contents of the "WrapperVersion" folder into an empty folder. Repackage these files into a new archive, name it something suitable, then add it to Vortex. Enable the mod, and set the mod type as "ENB" in the side bar.


  1. Install Rudy ENB and extract the contents of "Rudy for SSE [Version no.]CW/! Catherdral Weathers ELFX/Predator Vision mod/[ Skyrim SE Folder ]/" into an empty folder, and do the same steps you did before the the ENB base files. Set Rudy ENB to load AFTER the base enbseries in Vortex's conflict rules.


At this point you can install the collection by pressing "Add to Vortex" on this page!

After installing the collection:

  1. Go to Skyrim Special Edition/Data/Nemesis_Engine/ and launch the Nemesis behaviour Engine. Check these mods:
  • FirstPersonRevo
  • Grip Switch (Shiba)
  • Duff's Distance Based Combat
  • Retimed Hit Frame
  • SkySA
  • True Directional Movement - 360 Horse Archery
  • True Directional Movement - Procedural Leaning
  • True Directional Movement - Headtracking
  • The Ultimate Dodge Mod

After checking these mods, hit Update Engine, when it's done, Hit Launch Nemesis Behaviour Engine. If an error pops up about T posing or whatever, try hitting Update engine again then run the Engine again, in most cases that fixes the issue.

After checking these mods, hit Update Engine, when it's done, Hit Launch Nemesis Behaviour Engine. If an error pops up about T posing or whatever, try hitting Update engine again then run the Engine again, in most cases that fixes the issue.

  1. Launch the game through SKSE, either on Vortex or in the Skyrim folder
  2. Start a new game and create a new character.
  3. Once you have finished your character and closed the character creation menu, wait around for a bit, a script will run automatically configuring your MCM settings. A bunch of pop ups will appear, just close them or select "Yes" if they have an option. This won't end when the MCM recording finished, but when Spell Research has finished importing spells. You can safely start the game once you get the pop up "All spells imported."
  4. All done! Enjoy the game!


(Right Click -> Open link for full resolution)


âť—TUDM works by replacing your vanilla sneak key with dodge key, then providing a new keybind for sneaking. Your dodge key will be under Controls/Sneak, whilst your sneak key will be in the TUDM MCM.


"I hate the letterbox bars!"

Shift+Enter->ENBEFFECTPOSTPASS.FX->Uncheck "Enable Letterbox bars"->SAVE CONFIGURATION.

Easy as.

"Why do I have so many spells in my inventory?!"

Some mods have config menus as spells, and some mods have powers that are accessed through the spell menu, but are redundant with the mod EasyWheel. You can remove these spells with the PROTEUS mod, by using "Proteus - Wheel" -> Spell -> Forget spells, then removing whatever spells you like. You can also remove all of the Proteus spells excluding the wheel, as that one spell grants access to all others.

"What is PROTEUS?"

I'll let the mod speak for itself. It's pretty amazing. It has a bunch of tools that are essentially cheats, but the reason this mod is included is the player module, which allows you to create several characters on the same save, and even recruit them!

Included Mods

đź“·Graphical Enhancements

graphics With over 100 new graphics mods, Skyrim has never looked so beautiful. Featuring a wide range of mods enhancing lighting, textures, meshes, and much more. A couple of my personal favourites:

  • Fluffworks, a mod which ingeniously uses shell texturing to add 3D fur to the majority of creatures within Skyrim.
  • Rustic Series, a large series of mods improving the textures of pretty much everything in Skyrim.
  • ELFX Shadows, the latest in ELFX from Wizkid, adding spectacular lighting effects which push Skyrim's engine to it's limit.
  • xXAwesome_PotionsXx, a reimagining of potion models within the game, with dazzling new models with a vibrant glow thanks to ENB Light.

🌎New Adventures

adventure With a new collection comes new adventures for the dragonborn to undertake, whether it be odd jobs for the local Jarl, or an entirely new experience in a far away land. Featuring:

  • Legacy of the Dragonborn, a new museum which has opened next to the Blue Palace in Solitude is seeking adventurers to search for ancient relics and artifacts to put on display.
  • The Forgotten City, A writer's guild award winning adventure which revolves around a murder investigation in a mysterious underground city.
  • Wyrmstooth, where the dragonborn is hired by the East Empire Company to slay a dragon terrorising trade routes in Wyrmstooth, a new island north of Solitude.
  • Helgen Reborn, a new questline where the dragonborn can rebuild the town of Helgen to it's former glory, and take the fight against the Thalmor.

🎮Gameplay Enhancements

gameplay Whether it be small quality of life changes, or massive overhauls to the lackluster combat systems within Skyrim, this pack is chock full of changes which provide a whole new experience, whilst still keeping the original soul of the game. A couple of my favourites:

  • Combat Gameplay Overhaul, a system which overhauls melee combat in Skyrim, with features such as grip swapping, dodge rolls, and dual wield blocking.
  • Stances, an addon to melee combat which allows 3 stances in battle: Low, for fast, weak attacks. Mid, for defensive positioning and stamina regen, and High, for devastating but slow attacks.
  • Distance Based Combat, a challenging new addition to combat which improves the AI's strategy against you.
  • True Directional Movement, a must-have mod which overhauls third person combat, allowing for the player to attack and move in every direction, as well as allowing for targets to be locked.
  • Imperious, an overhaul to the races within skyrim. Each race now has 3 unique powers and passives, allowing greater meaning to the character you make. Complete your destiny to unlock a racial power.

🌅Immersive Mods

immersion To get the best experience with Skyrim, the player needs a lot of options which involve them in the world, and this pack adds several new mechanics for that:

  • Hunterborn, an expansion to hunting wildlife. Hone your skills with skinning, butchering, and harvesting ingredients from animals.
  • Wintersun, a new system for faith in Skyrim. Choose a deity and worship them, whether they be one of the nine Divines or a Daedric prince, and follow their tenets to be rewarded with powerful bonuses.
  • Campfire and (OPTIONAL)Frostfall, mods which reflect the freezing cold nature of Skyrim. Make sure you're well equipped for a journey into the freezing wastes of Skyrim!
  • Immersive Interactions, a set of new third person animations which shows your character actually interacting with the world. No more telekinesis!
  • Skyrim Reputation, a system which provides consequences to your actions in Skyrim. If the people of Skyrim know you as a good-hearted hero, you may find yourself rewarded for your actions, but the outcome won't be the same for more sinister actions...

⚔️New Weapons and Armour

armor With Spell and Sword comes new ways to fight, with several mods adding new weapons and armour distributed around Skyrim. from ancient weapons, to armour fit for a crusader, there are many new things to gear up with and take into the fight.


🧙Spell Research

spell research

Included in the pack is a new system that completely overhauls how magic is studied in Skyrim, Spell Research. All of the spells in the game have been broken down into their key components, or archetypes. With a journal, and some writing tools, an aspiring mage can study these archetypes and create new spells from them. Instead of buying the firebolt spell from Faralda, why not create it yourself, as an Apprentice, Fire and Forget, Aimed, Fire Destruction spell? Of course, you'd need experience in these archetypes, which can be gained in several ways. You can study the spells you have, analysing the fundamental parts that make them up, understanding them more. You can break down alchemical ingredients into their basic essences, and study them to learn what archetypes are associated with them. Or, you can delve deep into the ruins of Skyrim, and seek ancient text written by the mages of old, and uncover what secrets they hold inside...

To add on to this, several spell packs are included, all compatible with Spell Research.

Recommended Tool - BethINI

Tweaking your Skyrim settings is a pain when doing it the regular way. Thankfully, BethINI is a wonderful tool that allows you to easily make changes to your ini settings, and allows you to make tweaks that allow the game to perform better. Highly recommend you get this additionally.

What if you find bugs?!?!

Okay, not going to lie, you're probably going to find a bug or two within the pack. I mean, it's a Bethesda game, it was already buggy before i shoved 400 mods into it! I've done my best at clearing up the most glaring issues, but I'll need your help to clear out as many issues as possible for future revisions. Here's how you can help out!

One of the mods that will be a great help in identifying a conflict is More Informative Console. Selecting an object in the console now shows a great deal more information about what mods are editing said object, and this information can help me make a patch to fix it.

My game has frozen indefinitely!/I have an infinite loading screen!

I'm not going to lie, I'm not so sure about these. Sometimes I feel my game perma-freezes for literally no reason. Could be an issue with too low memory or not playing on an SSD, but I'm not sure. Regardless, let me know what you were doing before the freeze so I can try to replicate it.

I found an NPC with a dark face!

This is a common issue with conflicts between facegen data for NPC's. It's an easy fix for me, but hard to know about it existing without seeing them in game. Just select them in the console and post the screenshot showing stuff like their BaseID here, I can get all the info I need to patch it out.

My game crashes/doesn't work entirely!

Considering this is a more serious issue, and the fact that bug tracking hasn't been added to collections yet, I'd rather sort these issues out directly than through a comment chain on the forum post. Feel free to contact me through Discord (Profanitizer#2507) and I can help fix such issues.


Thanks for reading all of that! I sincerely hope you enjoy this collection, and don't run into many issues whilst playing! A huge thank you to all of the wonderful modders who provided the mods featured in this collection; this wouldn't be possible without them!


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