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Just the mods i thought it would be cool anf fun to play with! I played with them, and I liked!

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I don't really used the mods that i think it would differ too much of the vanilla game.

The bigger ones are Stardew Valley Expanded, wich can have a surprisingly similar feeling to the vanilla, and Ridgeside Village, that adds a whole new village but it's very lovely and natural with fun opportunities.

The others mods don't really add much, just thing i though it would be nicer/easier to play with.

I did add some "cheat" mods, but I dont really reccomend using them frequently. The first intent of games is to be fun, and sometimes i just think is more pleasing to do that thing that i want.

It seens like it's a lot of mods (and kinda is), but a great part of them "don't do anything", are just required by other mods.

Two mods that I used too, but nexus versions are broken: Stack Everything: UI Info Suite 2:

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