Azimoert's Valheim vanilla HD

Azimoert's Valheim vanilla HD

This is just a collection of simple mods with some quality of life and quality of textures mods. The only gameplay change is item slots. All this made for my friends.

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I made it to store links in one place and be sure my friends will install correct things. No other intentions.

Main features

1.Reworked menu with AUGA. 2.Possibility to install textures of your liking. 3. Additional slots for items (tested for bugs to be sure you will not lose items on death). 4. You can also install HD Valheim but manually (that's what I did)

Before you start

This collection is not tested for any compatability with any kind of mods. It is only made so my friends could push a button and load stuff. Additional slots may be bugged if used with some mods. I know for sure that Better Archery may cause your items to be lost in a process. As I said it was not tested for any compatability with any packs or mods, only the set itself.

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Aug 01, 2022
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