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A mod list that I built through trial and error with various things I liked and tested thoroughly, meant to improve the experience of Valheim.

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I had an entire thing written here and accidentally closed the tab and lost it, so Ill rewrite it later after Im done raging.

Long story short: it improves many aspects of the game, tweaks a bunch of stuff, adds enchantments on equipment, build camera, and a bunch of other stuff. Check the mod list for whats in it.

Also as part of this collection I include several mods that must be manually installed as per the creators instructions:

DualWield by Smoothbrain (double the fun)

NoFogBob's - Less Terrifying Blizzards (multiple options, usually enhances fps in blizzards and improves look)\

NoFogBob's - BuildFog-Be-Gone (removes dust poop when building/leveling ground)

Realistic Animal Sounds (truly makes for a better immersion, the needed dependency, Custom Audio, is in the mod list, despite having a vortex download that is NOT advised as it doesnt work, it has to be manual)

Willybach's HD Valheim (amazing texture pack, up to date and most complete, best looking and best one overall in my opinion, different resolution options for your performance)

Candyman's Realistic Foliage (beatifully realistic foliage, install after Willybach's HD Valheim)

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