Ultima Darkness Overhaul

Ultima Darkness Overhaul

The Darkness grows stronger no matter how much you fight against it. Always hitting back & becoming bigger, stronger, more dangerous & ferocious. Let go your earthly tether. Empty, and become wind. This is my ultimate KHIII Experience.

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The Description!

This is a comprehensive overhaul of the game that changes weapons, costumes, combat, music, environments, & many other aspects through and through. The idea was to create a dark and more serious game that turns Sora & his companions into demons to fight against the real Organization & their most dangerous monstrosities. Essentially a Teen rated Kingdom Hearts game. I've been modding KH3 for the last two years refining it to this point & thought I'd share my current build. Please note that the off-site mods are ones that were easier to include in a bundled form, hidden from nexus, or taken down but saved in the event it happened because they're too good to lose. I will leave mentions for the known ones below. I recommend playing this on critical mode just be aware that the data fights can take an extraordinarily long time to beat if you don't have the right gear. I've had a Xemnas fight go on for almost an hour before he beat me, they are no longer pushovers.

*Main Features!

The core mods being used are as follows:

Light vs. Darkness, Darkling, No Hud, Dark warpstrike moveset

Important notes, absolutely essential to know

Many of these mods are optional of course, however if you decide to copy the collection exactly there are a couple things to note. #1.) There is no HUD however the sounds will still go off so you'll have some notion of how to use the menu without it if you decide to keep this mod. If you decide not to keep it I highly recommend you download Darkling's User Interface because it is absolutely gorgeous. Along with this, there is a section of the Pirates of the Caribbean world where you have to collect crabs in Port Royal. IF YOU HAVE NO HUD ON WHILE YOU'RE COLLECTING CRABS, THEY WILL NOT BE COUNTED AND YOU WILL BE STUCK! However, the fix for this is to simply remove the no hud mods during this section then afterwards you can safely reactivate them after the cutscene where you collect the crabs for your ship. You can also download Darklings user interface mod for this section to get the same result because it overwrites the no HUD mod. If you complain to me that you're stuck here I'm just gonna redirect you to these instructions ya goof ball. #2.) I've only gotten one kind of crash however it was fixed by simply reloading the game. It might happen a couple times but do not panic, the game has a lot of big changes to make so just give it another boot. The crash is called something with "Magic" but again, do not freak out if it shows up. #3.) This is my first collection & I normally boot up my game by putting mods into a paks folder in the main game files. You can do this as well by downloading the collection & putting all the mods from your Vortex staging folder into your main game paks folder if for some reason Vortex isn't working for you. #4.) There are two maps one for Xigbar & one for Data Xehanort that are not on the Nexus I included. To be clear all of the off-site mods are optional however I still recommend downloading the combat based ones to get a feel of darkness related combat. The only Data battle map that isn't changed is Xehanorts because for some reason he has been ignored in the map category. I highly recommend using Esura's complete space map for when you face him as it is magnificent.

Requirements Except for the Colisseum, Light and Darkness, & Darkling mods I was able to run everything else, no exaggeration, on a 4gb RAM Lenovo laptop & still had it running smoothly. That being said unless you have a decent 8-16gb RAM pc or better I don't recommend running this game with the aforementioned mods.

Honorable mentions:

Terranort edition Vanitas Edition Ultimate Sora Everyone in the modding/KH community. Thank you so much for your time, dedication, work, & general positivity. You are all stars. (^.^)/*

Example gameplay (These are just random videos I made while using these mods, hooded Sora not included in the first two because it wasn't made compatible until later)

https://youtu.be/2ak7qnFilTw https://youtu.be/drAZyqluS6s https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1532388809

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