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Play your modded games. Faster.

Save your time with uncapped speeds and instant downloads. Time better spent playing your favourite modded games.

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One click to change the game: collections.

Unlock the shortcut to changing your game with new graphics and gameplay. Instead of downloading each mod in a collection separately, enjoy a cup of coffee while we handle the process!

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No more Ads. Ever.

Go Premium and never see ads on our site again. The best part? You get to keep this perk, even after your subscription ends!

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Support mod creators.

We’ve now donated over $0 Million to mod authors. As a Premium member, you’re actively supporting the community by helping us maintain and even increase mod rewards for creators.

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Collection curator


"Premium paid for itself in a single hour!"

"I often had very little time on my hands after work to mod, or simply lacked the knowledge to transform my game into the masterpieces I’ve been seeing on YouTube. But then I stumbled upon the Nexus Mods Collections feature. THIS was the remedy I was seeking. Thanks to collections, which become even more powerful with a Premium membership, I was able to transform my favourite games into modding masterpieces so quickly that Premium paid for itself in a single hour – no exaggeration. It feels like I've added countless new games to my library. I’ve now even become a collection curator myself. It literally changed my life – all for the cost of less than a fancy latte!"



"It’s effortless modding magic!"

"The Nexus Mods Premium membership has been a game-changer for me in ways I couldn't have imagined. It's like having a backstage pass to the ultimate gaming experience. From lightning-fast downloads that save me time and frustration, to ad-free browsing that keeps me immersed in the content I love, Premium has streamlined my entire modding journey. The icing on the cake is the unparalleled support for mod authors, fostering a community where creativity thrives. This membership isn't just about convenience; it's about being part of a community that shares my passion and values. It has truly taken my modding adventure to a whole new level."

Skyrim gamer


"I love to hit Skyrim with a hammer!"

“Like for many folks, Nexus Mods is my go-to for mods for my favourite games. However, Skyrim modders are too darn talented! I've got a plethora of options to download, and sometimes the scope is so incredible and game-changing that the files are huge and plentiful! With Premium, I can save my clicking finger for the actual game and not the downloads. It's like doing construction without getting tuckered out! Nexus Mods Premium™: It Just Works."

Collection Modder


"Less time tinkering more time gaming."

“Premium is a very convenient tool to have in your modding toolbox. Between the one-click downloads and the ad-free experience while you have premium (and even after) it gives you that nice quality of life. Add in faster downloads and more results shown and you get to spend less time tinkering with mods and more time gaming."

Frequently Asked Questions

Premium members enjoy several perks that help to unlock the full potential of modding:

  • Uncapped downloads speeds

  • One-click collections

  • Instant downloads (no delay/countdown)

  • Multi-threaded downloads

  • Ad free browsing (forever - even after the Premium membership expires!)

  • Access to the (exclusive) Supporter Image share

  • The ability to choose a preferred download server

  • Viewing more mods per page

  • Additional space for personal messages