Immersion Improvements - Lite

Immersion Improvements - Lite

A collection of great works from amazing mod authors that I feel expands and enhances vanilla in such a way as to not realize there are mods installed or low intrusive breaks to the immersion.

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Amazing works really, I've been tweaking and messing with mods for 7dtd for about a year, not really making mods but just trying them out, getting a feel for the game and making it more what I like. That being a focus on crafting, farming and cooking.

So gamers, if you spend all your time at base crafting while your gamer friends run around and loot buildings blast zombies and do 'the hard work' this is for you, game on.

PS: If you like to run around and blast zombies and do the hard work, think of the gamers back at base keeping the food hot and the building strong and make their day better!

----------------------------Mods Summary without clicking on their home pages--------------------------------

Better Homes and Worlds - Complete Collection -|- The full collected works of Nuvar's Better Homes and Worlds, expanded decoration, power recipes, materials, cooking and crafting. A true quality of life overhaul that feels fair and doesn't cheat the game or make you OP.

Clear Skies - Weather of the Apocalypse -|- Reduces amount of awful cloudy rainy days that seem endless. There is still inclement weather and rain, just less so.

Electricity Overhaul (A20) -|- A great mod that makes electricity more dynamic and really shines -get it- with its solar panel addition. Kind of technical so worth looking at its home page, but simply gives you more freedom and creativity with electricity.

Electricity Overhaul (A20) Solar Recipes. -|- Adds recipes for solar panels and banks for the above mod! Worth!

Expanded Farming -|- Adds 2 levels to the perks Living off the land, makes it more worthwhile investment into the perk and gives Farmers some much needed love.

Garage Door Advanced Rotations -|- Allows garage doors to be flipped and flopped so they can be used as drawbridges as example. You can ask my friends, I tried forever in vanilla to get stuff like this working and literally crashed my building doing so. This is a great addition.

More Skill Points Per Level -|- This is definitely aimed in my mind towards the smaller group or solo player. I always play with a constant 2-3 people so having it set to (2) perks per skill up keeps us all fresh and strong as the game stage progresses.

Old Farming for A20 -|- "Returns the farming to A19 style where you get 1-3 crops and the seeds stay planted." ok this is a copy paste from its home page, but it was already so well said!

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