ACEINF All-in-One Pack

ACEINF All-in-One Pack

This collection contains a variety of mods that change AC7's gameplay and visual experience to make it closer to Ace Combat Infinity!

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That day our sky fe||, the heavens split to create new skies.

The ACEINF All-in-One Pack contains a variety of mods that make Ace Combat 7's gameplay and visual experience closer to Ace Combat Infinity, a free-to-play online-only PlayStation 3 game that launched in 2014 and closed in 2018. Aircraft skins are obviously part of this collection, but also included are changes to the UI, parts, and more!

Please note the following:

  • Collaboration aircraft, including THE [email protected], Area 88, etc. are not included in this collection.
  • Zodiac aircraft, including Aries, Libra, etc. are not included in this collection.
  • Model swaps for Infinity aircraft will be added to this collection only if they do not overwrite another Infinity aircraft. For this reason, this collection does not include the following mods:
  • Cherry's Colored Tinted Canopy Mega Pack is highly recommended, but not included in this collection, since the colors you'll want to use will depend on the skins you install and they may interfere with each other.
  • Certain mods have multiple files with different variants. Mods replicating Infinity skins that originally had no markings will only have their blank variants included if possible. Otherwise, either the variant closest to the original Infinity skin will be included, or all variants will be included.
  • Certain mods require DLC for their effect to be apparent. This includes The Hunt for Alicorn and any mod affecting a DLC aircraft or DLC skin slot.

Gameplay Mods

The following included mods change aspects other than the player's aircraft skin:

  • All Part In CampaignMode: Multiplayer parts can be used in the single-player modes.
  • Nostalgic UI: The UI font is changed to use Infinity's font.
  • Sp.W Missiles - Type AceINF: Certain missile models have different colors to match Infinity's HCAAs, HVAAs, and HPAAs.
  • Arsenal Bird Pursuit: The Arsenal Bird is recolored in a similar fashion to Infinity's Special Raids.
  • The Hunt for Alicorn: The Alicorn is recolored in a similar fashion to Infinity's Special Raids.
  • Colored Smokes: Missile smoke is changed to a different color. Note that this affects all missile smoke, not just the player's.

Skin Mods

This is the full list of Infinity skins with mods currently available and included in this collection. Stars (★) denote DLC aircraft.

  • A-10C
    • A-10A Event Skin #03 (A-10C Thunderbolt II -Rytsary-)
  • ★ ADF-01
    • ADF-01 -Osea- Event Skin #01 (ADF-01 Gold Falken)
  • ★ ASF-X
    • ASF-X -Happy New Year- (ASF-X -Happy New Year-)
    • ASF-X -Happy New Year- Event Skin #01 (ASF-X -Happy New Year-)
  • F-2A
    • F-2A Event Skin #02 (F-2A - 502 ADTW / Flyuger)
    • F-2A Event Skin #03 (F-2A Viper Zero - Aggressor Grey Camouflage)
    • F-2A -60th Anniversary- (F-2A JASDF -60th Anniversary- 3rd TFS)
  • ★ F-4E
    • F-4E "AC" Skin #01 (Air Combat Phoenix skins pack 1)
  • ★ F-14A
    • F-14A Normal Skin #01 (F-14A -INF-)
    • F-14A -Zipang- (F-14A -Zipang-)
    • F-14A -Zipang- Event Skin #01 (F-14A -Zipang-)
  • F-14D
    • F-14B Event Skin #01 (F-14B Ferris (AC5))
    • F-14B -Persian Cat- (F-14D -Persian Cat-)
    • F-14D Event Skin #02 (Z.O.E. Mega Pack)
    • F-14D -Lancer- (F-14D Lancer Squadron)
  • F-15C
    • F-15C "AC" Skin #01 (Air Combat Phoenix skins pack 1)
  • F-15E
    • F-15E Event Skin #03 (F-15E -Oryol-)
    • F-15E -Guts- (F-15E -Guts-)
    • F-15SE Event Skin #01 (F-15E Strike Eagle Air Superiority Camo)
    • F-15SE -Night Stalker- (F-15E -Stalker-)
  • ★ F-15 S/MTD
    • F-15 S/MTD Event Skin #02 (F-15SMTD -Zone of Endless-)
  • F-16C
    • F-16C -Gold Falcon- (F-16C Gold Falcon)
  • ★ F-16XL
    • F-16XL Event Skin #01 (F-16XL -Sakerfalcon-)
  • F/A-18F
  • F-22A
    • F-22A Event Skin #04 (Z.O.E. Mega Pack)
    • F-22A -Bishop- (F-22A -Bishop- 1.5.)
    • F-22A -Flash- (F-22A - Flash)
    • F-22A -Reaper- (F-22A -Reaper-)
    • F-22A -Scarface1- (F-22A -AHL Phoenix-)
  • Gripen E
    • Gripen C Event Skin #01 (Gripen E - FOA Kamouflaget ( a.k.a. Viggen Camo ))
  • MiG-21bis
    • MiG-21bis -Viper- (MiG-21bis -Viper-)
  • MiG-29A Fulcrum
    • MiG-29A -Dragon- (MiG-29A - Dragon)
  • Rafale M
    • Rafale M -Cocoon- (Rafale M Cocoon Squadron)
    • Rafale M -Mobius7/8- (Rafale M -Mobius-)
    • Rafale M -Vent d'Ange- (Rafale M -Vent d'Ange-)
    • Rafale M -Vent d'Ange- Event Skin #01 (Rafale M -Vent d'Ange-)
  • Su-33
    • Su-33 Default Skin (Su33 -Classic Camo-)
    • Su-33 "AC" Skin #01 (Su-33 - Phoenix)
    • Su-33 "AC" Skin #02 (Su-33 - Phoenix)
    • Su-33 -Crimson Wing- (Su-33 Flanker - Crimson Wing)
  • Su-37
    • Su-37 Event Skin #01 (Su-37 -T10M-)
  • Su-47
    • Su-47 Event Skin #02 (Su-47 -Legacy Ferris-)
    • Su-47 -Albireo- (Su-47 Albireo Squadron)
  • Su-57
    • T-50 Event Skin #01 (Su-57 -Arctic-)
    • T-50 Event Skin #02 (Su-57 Prototype)
    • T-50 -Akula- (Su-57 DLC Akula)
    • T-50 -Albireo- (Su-57 Albireo 1)
  • Typhoon
    • Typhoon "AC" Skin #01 (Typhoon - Phoenix)
    • Typhoon "AC" Skin #02 (Typhoon - Phoenix)
    • Typhoon -Omega- (Eurofighter Typhoon -Omega-)
    • Typhoon -Mobius5/6- (Typhoon -Mobius-)
  • X-02S
    • X-02 -Knight- (X-02S Knight)
    • X-02 -Tiger- (X-02S -Tiger-)
  • ★ XFA-27
    • XFA-27 -Happy Holidays- (XFA-27 Happy Holidays)
  • YF-23
    • YF-23 Event Skin #01 (YF-23 Black Widow II - Digital Camouflage)

Even then, the skies kept on engaging the other.

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