Multilinguale CP77 - Nico's CP77
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Multilinguale CP77 - Nico's CP77

For a multilingual CP77 experience ! No requirement. Easy installation. Works with CP1.6.x

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Multilingual CP77 experience ! V speaks his own language ... Main character speaks their native language, and random npc speak english !

The collection does not weigh 13 GB, there are just a lot of optional downloads to choose from. Once the installation is complete, the space occupied will be between 1.2 and 1.5 GB.

No requirement. Compatible with my others collections. Easy installation. Works with CP1.6.x

PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE IF YOU GIVE ME A BAD RATE, and tell me what is the problem.

Main features

The multi lingual experience is very cool. The main characters will speak their native languages (for exemple, judy speak spanish), V speaks the language of your choice, and randoms npcs speak english. It's very immersive !

Before you start

The installation is very easy ! When you are ready, just click on "Add to vortex" and follow the instructions when there are any, as for all collections !

It's important to accept the optionals downloads at the end for the best multi-lingual experience. Read the details below.

Best practices

  • The game must be installed in English with Steam or Gog. Like this, all people speak in the game with their native language. Next, you can then put the interface and subtitle of the game in your native language with one of the mods of the collection in optionnal download, if it is not English (CP77 Language Settings Patch, you can choose in game setting/language in main menu game).

  • Be careful and follow the installation instructions carefully when I wrote them. especially for "V's Language".

  • For more information, read the modpage here -->

Installation (specific instruction)

Main download

  • SKIPPY LANGUAGE : At the end, don't forget to keep the language file you want and delete the others. Read instruction during installation for more details.

  • NPC LANGUAGE : just a message for you dont forget to accept the optionnal download if you want custom your V language.

Optional download

  • LANGUAGE SETTING PATCH : for the better multilingual experience, your game install is in english ... but if english it's not your native language, it could be inconfortable ... With this mod, you can choose your interface language, subtitles language, etc ... So it's great ! (Install only if you need and if you dont have already this mod of course ...)

  • V'S LANGUAGE : with the optional download, you can choose your V's language. V speak your default language game installation. But you can change V's language with the OPTIONNAL DOWNLOAD at the end. Accept optional download at the end, and just choose one Language mod between French, Brazilian, Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, or Spanish. Read Instruction during installation carefully.

Known issues

  • Since CP77 1.6, there are some new voice line... and there are not include in the multilingual experience mod for now. So some voice line (not a lot) stay in your language installation.

Compatible collections (my others collections)

  • "Best of VirtualAtelier - Nico's CP77" : This collection contains Virtual Atelier and Virtual Car Dealer, and the best shops (and items) for them ! Easy installation. Works with CP1.6.x .

DL here -->

  • Nexus Never fade away - Nico's CP77 : My personnal Cyperpunk2077 collection. Including body replacer, body creator, better character creation, main characters overhauls, romance enhanced, quality of live, new gameplay, better user interface, and more ! Easy installation. CP77 1.6.x .

DL here -->

  • "NNFA Traduction FR - Nico's CP77" : French trad for the collection "Nexus Never fade away - Nico's CP77".

DL here -->

  • This 3 collection requiert a modlist base for working : "Base for CP77 - Nico's CP77". Easy installation. Works with CP1.6.x .

DL here -->


Special thanks to Dogemods666 who have made excellent mods !

Thanks to all the (Mod) author . Skyrim and Cyberpunk modders community are so great. They really do a crazy job. Go endorse your favorite mods !


Success rating

3 votes

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