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Welcome To Night City

This is an effort on my part to improve on the vanilla Cyberpunk 2077 experience as much as possible. Whilst at the same time doing so seamlessly. I want this to feel like what Cyberpunk 2077 always should have been at launch, and I only incorporate things I feel should have been there since the beginning. Staying as true to the lore as possible, but also taking some liberties when needed for the sake of gameplay.

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Summary: The Breakdown

This is an effort on my part to improve on the vanilla Cyberpunk 2077 experience as much as possible. Whilst at the same time doing so seamlessly. I want this to feel like what Cyberpunk 2077 always should have been at launch, and I only incorporate things I feel should have been there since the beginning. Staying as true to the lore as possible, but also taking some liberties when needed for the sake of gameplay.

Simply put, this is a kitchen sink of a modlist that covers just about every area I could think of. Whether it be bug fixes, models and textures, cosmetics, game balance, gameplay mechanics, or interactivity with the game world. I had Yakuza in mind when I made it. This list is also not safe for work. Just like Night City is known to be. Expect an uncensored purview into the world of Cyberpunk 2077. If you install the optional mods at any rate. I have since made them optional.

This modlist was made with controllers in mind originally, but now it has support for keyboard and mouse as well. This collection also requires Red Mod as a dependency for some mods. Remember to download it and enable mods.


The easiest way to enable it is via Red Launcher. Pictured here:


Remember to read everything carefully. As of 392 I can confidently say that this collection is mostly compatible with version 1.6 of the game. You shouldn't have any problems.

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A reoccurring issue people have asked about is why are there weird lines on their characters? It's because for all high resolution model and texture mods? You need to set your texture settings to high. Otherwise, they won't work as advertised. If the problem persists after that? Also reload a save or reboot the game itself after setting textures to high. I have gone over this a billion times. I will not answer this question again. If you cannot so much as read the very beginning of this About? The problems with this collection are likely entirely your own fault. Not to be harsh, but this About is here for a reason. Please read all of it.

The Gist of It: It's A Jack of All Trades

This basically makes changes to almost everything that I felt needed to be changed or improved upon. It is also not safe for work, and definitely adult oriented. There is a lot of nudity. This is an oversexualized cyberpunk dystopia, and I did my best to make that evident in how people dressed. NPCs Gone Wild by Woodbricks in particular leaves little to the imagination, and I also made advertisements more explicit with True Night City Ads by Han23. Now strippers and prostitutes will actually look the part, and advertisements will be as graphic as can be. These two mods are optional. Make sure to download and install the optional mods if you want them.

Cars handle better overall, and cars can actually be modified. Inhalers and injectors are not as overpowered as they are in vanilla thanks to Toxicity, but I also added variety to them with WE3D - Drugs of Night City. Which gives you more options, but also forces you to think about which ones you are going to use in a fight. As you can now overdose if you take too many of them. Stamina has been reworked because it was kind of an afterthought originally. You never had to really watch your stamina before, and it was way too plentiful. Now you actually have to resource manage, and watch how much stamina you use in a fight. I also included Immersive Stamina FX because of this. Which will make it easier for you to know when you're low on stamina without having to look at your stamina bar.

Improvements have been made to Netrunners. They both feel more organic and versatile than they did in vanilla, and have a lot more in their arsenal than they did before. Which means Self-Ice is going to be a lot more useful. You can also now initiate a Breach Protocol via a takedown instead of just wirelessly hacking someone or something. Cyberdecks have been rebalanced across the board as well with the introduction of Cyberdeck Tweaks to the collection. As for the NCPD? They have also been improved, and will now chase after you in their own vehicles when you commit any crimes.

As well as improving draw distance in general? I added some hair and eyebrow mods to improve their aesthetic, two new hairstyles to replace a couple of the uglier ones, better makeup, and glossier lips. Photorealistic Eyes is included for obvious reasons. There are better piercings to choose from. As well as two new tattoos. I have also included a vast assortment of mods that improve the bodies and complexions of V and many of their friends. These are all optional mods. Just in case your computer can't handle high resolution models and textures. If you want them? Just make sure to download and install the optional mods.

Likewise, I included Underwear Removal Extended by AnyGoodName. Now the fact you can customize your junk matters. This removes underwear from FPP, TPP, and Photo Mode. As well as improvements to ragdoll physics, fire, water, and gore.

Some improvements have been made to Judy, Panam, Kerry, and River. In regards to their their romantic liaisons. In other words there is more to do with them after you become romantically involved. There are more messages, and more ways to interact with the girls. PMO covers both Judy and Panam at the moment, and even Jackie and the rest of the Aldecados too. However, it hasn't covered River and Kerry yet. I also made them both anatomically correct.

On top of that? I made use of a reshade to improve graphical fidelity across the board. It's by Srgamerio. It is called "Ultra Enhanced." Which is generally performance friendly but, if it is too much for your PC, you can always turn it off. A word of warning for anyone who bought Cyberpunk 2077 from GOG? There seems to be problems with the reshade causing a CTD. It is also hard on performance, and may lead to a CTD, for anyone using a less than modern PC setup. In general, the reshade is an optional mod because of this. Don't install the optional mods if you don't want it. That, or if you want the other optional mods, set it to ignore during installation. That way you can have the other less performance intensive optional mods. You can also just disable or uninstall it from the list. If you do accidentally install it.

I included a lot of bug fixes. You can check them out in the modlist, but I doubt you will need anything else. As of the latest revisions the most obvious problems in the game have been addressed. The only real exception is the overlapping of some improperly loaded models and textures sometimes. However, that has been a problem with the game itself for a while and has nothing to do with this collection. Reloading a save usually fixes that.

I also changed sticky grenades so that they now behave more like mines. Which means that they still stick to people and surfaces as per usual but they only detonate when an enemy is in proximity of them. Which will allow you to set up traps with them. All leg cyberware has been tweaked, and essentials like Always First Equip are here. System Ex, which allows you to equip both a cyberdeck and an operating system at the same time, allowing for more flexibility in various builds.

As of recent I also incorporated Time Dilation Overhaul. Which drastically changes and improves all forms of time-dilation in the game. Including when you use the scanner for any wireless hacking or any Sandevistan implant. It re-balances all of it, and even adds new cyberware. Now there is variation for all of them that is actually meaningful, and penalties to prevent them from being overpowered. Each favoring different kinds of weapons like blades or guns, and providing you with new abilities for them during any time-dilation. Such as deflecting bullets back at enemies with melee weapons, or even short range teleportation.

A whole coterie of quality of life mods. There is the ability to refund attribute points and perk points for free. Making it less of a hassle to rebuild your character. When before you had to pay. There are Clear Skill Checks and Convo Skill Check Scaling. Which means you're going to know exactly how much of an attribute you need to pass skill checks, and an increase in difficulty for them all. Since normally they're way too easy to succeed at regardless of your character build. You can use the wardrobe system anywhere you want and anytime that you want.

A bunch of mods to add interactivity or immersion to the game world. The markers for loot are now more varied, and are reflective of the kind of loot and the rarity of it. You can now unequip mods and cyberware, and you have a portable Ripper Deck which will let you switch out cyberware on the fly. Better vendor inventory, and more vendors in general. I included Kiroshi Opticals - Crowd Scanner. Now every NPC will have a backstory of their own. Then finally I included a flashlight to illuminate darker areas. It can be switched off and on at your leisure.

On top of that I included a vastly improved crafting and upgrade system. Including the ability to make use of iconic mods with Weapon Mod Overdrive. Any Scope which lets you equip any kind of scope to a gun regardless of what kind of firearm it is. I added linear component pricing for improving any gear. The ability to craft iconic gear you have disassembled or lost at the same quality level, and the ability to craft mods at any quality level. As well as scopes, muzzle brakes, and silencers. You can get new recipes for any clothing and weapons by also disassembling any that you find. Then of course there is Enhanced Craft which allows you to switch between skins for weapons, and choose their damage type. Whether it be Physical, Chemical, Thermal, or Electrical.

Warning: Faster Active Control Prompts, and Configuration File

I included a mod which changes the dodge and crouch function. It is called Welcome To Night City - Faster Active Control Prompts. It makes it so just a single press of the dedicated dodge or crouch button is necessary to dodge whilst moving, and you also just need a single press to crouch whilst standing still. In order to slide just press the dedicated dodge or crouch button when sprinting or dashing as per usual. The same speaks true for your keyboard and mouse whenever you press C; in regards to dodging, crouching, and sliding. You can still also use "dodge on movement input" for your keyboard and mouse. It is the same as vanilla now. Just a double tap. No more having to press it four times in a row like in previous revisions of the collection. It also shortens the delay for a lot of other active prompts besides that. In order to activate it? Simply download and install it from the optional mods.

Also, this is for Enhanced Craft, if you're using a controller go to the Mod Settings for it and activate the controller support. Otherwise, you won't be able to switch between skins when crafting for any weapons or any clothing. Remember to tweak the mods in the Mod Settings and Native Settings UI to your liking. Say for example how many custom quickslots you want. The settings are all at default normally. Activate the compatibility modes for WE3D - Drugs of Night City, and any other mods in the list like Toxicity. Check them all out.

There is something called Welcome To Night City - Configuration File in the modlist. Make sure it is enabled. It ensures that some of the mods are properly configured. Not doing so will break the modlist. You have been warned. This probably won't be necessary due to the automatic installation and replication by Vortex, but keep this in mind. Some mods have multiple archives, and Vortex will warn you about that, but they all do different things and they are supposed to be there. Don't remove any of them, and install them all.

Vortex is not perfect. Always double check to see if it installed or uninstalled something properly during an update. Worst case scenario just remove and delete the old version of the modlist before downloading and installing the new version. I would also recommend following these instructions, then checking file integrity through Steam, and then installing the latest version of the collection. For a clean install that isn't bloated with things from older versions of the collection.


Specs: High

I have an RTX 3080, a i7-10870H CPU, 32 gigabytes of ram and 8 gigabytes of vram. Generally, I had no problems with this modlist myself but as I said before it eats a lot of performance. I wouldn't recommend this list unless you have some sort of RTX or at least a GTX 1080. Since there is no ray tracing for the GTX series it will save you a lot of fps.

The same speaks true for resolutions higher than 1080p. I tested the collection using that, and it's usually only around 60 to 70 fps. However, I have also heard people using 1440p hit 70 fps sometimes. Always install the game into an SSD if you have one. If not, remember to use the HDD fix.


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