CP2077: Masochist Mode

CP2077: Masochist Mode

I'm sorry | Endorse for more suffering

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[smol BUG for Xbox controllers, see "Before you Start"]


WARNING: This collection is not for the feint of heart.

Does experiencing pain give you arousal? Does failing time and time again strengthen you?

If so, I present to you two choices: RED pill or BLUE pill.

If you take the blue pill you will:

  • Be scheduled an appointment with a psychologist in your area.
  • Work through possible options such as therapy, medication, and in/out patient mental health services.
  • Be free of your addiction to suffering.

If, however, you take the red pill you will:

  • Play this collection.
  • Suffer endlessly.
  • Grow infinitely.
  • See just how far down your rabbit hole goes..

The choice is yours.

Main features

This collection aims to enhance various things. Below I will list the important mods and how they affect your story:

  1. Immersion:
  • BodyTech (Takes highest of either to open doors)
  • Immersive First Person (I'd reccomend not messing with TPP or Freelook)
  • ImmersiveStaminaFX
  • Lifepath Bonuses & Lifepaths Matter: These two add in various things. Your lifepath choice will impact your standing among various factions, gangs & corps will treat you and eachother differently, you will also start with pre-unlocked perks for each lifepath aswell.
  • Limited Fast Travel + Metro Station (Fast Travel Disabled Except Metro Stations & Apartments)
  • Non-lethal blunt weapons
  • Playable Arcade Machines
  • Crafting & upgrading in apartments only
  • Sensible Stamina & Athletics (Must workout to really gain athletics)
  • StreetStyle & Mimicry Feature: What you wear changes everything from attributes to how people treat you. A key factor is mimicry. If you don an outfit of a particular faction, you can move around them without being detected. The custom configs I've included setup the mod so that enemies will become suspicious pretty quickly, but the detection time will take a while. (They will be contemplating whether you're one of them or not.) Also, sneaking or sprinting or acting suspicious in any manner will nullify your disguise-- tread carefully.
  • Toxicity & Drugs of Night City (Add drugs and overdosing. Once overdosed you cannot heal until it wears off.)
  • Vehicle Summon Tweaks (Costs money to repair/summon/etc)
  • Limited Encumberance
  1. Customization & Balancing
  • Scaling & Tweaks for countless items/mods.
  • Car Modification Shop
  • Custom Quickslots
  • Enhanced Craft
  • No Special Outfit Lock
  • Vendor & UI Improvements (More items)
  1. Pain/Pleasure
  • AI Netrunners Enhanced (CAN KILL YOU & be stopped by any inflicted damage)
  • Scaling of most all skill checks
  • CorruptNCPD (Make a call to remove wanted levels-- they REALLY like their eddies)
  • Realistic Combat Overhaul
  • Level Scaled Upgrade Cost
  • Enemy Level Scaling
  • Scissors Difficulty Options
  • XP/SC gain reduced
  • Various reductions across the board
  1. Smooth out gameplay by applying as many tweaks/fixes as possible.

Before you start

If any of the mods above confuse you or you would like to know more details, check out their pages for full descriptions.

[ !! Also, I've added some optional cool things for DS4/DualSense users. !! Right now it is not optional lol, just disable the playstation prompt mod to get back to Xbox prompts ]


  • Cyber Engine Tweaks (Latest)
  • During install, if the configs.zip mod creates conflicts then simply click "Load after all" for it then continue.
  • Once loaded in, click the mods tab, go to the "Quickslots" page, and ENABLE "WE3D compatibility". (I will update this in the future, right now I require taco bell.)

Best practices

  • Get premium before you download <3
  • Make a new character
  • Set difficulty to VERY HARD ;)

Recommended specs

Hardware setup suitable for this collection.

  • NVIDIA 1660ti
  • 16GB DDR4
  • Ryzen 7 1700X
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