NG+ Simulator

A couple of mods to simulate NG+

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What is this?

A couple of mods to simulate NG+

The Mods

  • Respector - Use to create a copy of your current game character's stuff/stats.
  • Custom Level Cap - Change to 79 to max your attributes, giving you a reason start over.
  • Level Scaling with No Minimum Levels - To keep the enemies at your level
  • Simple Exp Multiplier - Simple mod to adjust exp rates if they are too slow/fast

Before you start

You can't take your stash and recipes need to be learned/found again.


  • Play the game once to completion or reach level 50
  • Make a save of your game with Respector
  • Start a new game and character and once you have control of it load your Respector Save

Things to keep in mind

  • Make sure to set the difficulty to Very Hard
  • You and the enemies won't really change in difficulty since the game caps everyone at 50 but with good gear no one feels too spongey. This may change later.

Try with my Immersive NG+ Collection

Other collections can be installed alongside this collection.

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