Cyberpunk THING

Cyberpunk 2077 is not a hard game. We decided to change that.

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Updated & Compatible with Patch 1.61_DLSS3

Important note regarding Vortex if you installed the collection before the release of revision 30

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The aim is to make Cyberpunk the game it was always intended to be. More immersive, more realistic. A bullet's a bullet, and Night City is full of hardened gangoons with hair triggers and bad attitudes. But they've never run into anything like you.

More than just a collection of other modders' amazing work, we are actively developing new mods to add gameplay elements that support our vision. We provide a fully preconfigured and easy to use modded experience; it just works, plug n' play.


Features List

A complete list of ALL of the features in the collection can be found in this article here

To Install

Premium vs Non-Premium

For premium Nexus users installing this collection is a one click process as below

Premium GIF

For non-premium users, the installation process is still simple. You just have to click "Download" followed by "Slow Download" as Vortex brings up buttons for every mod in the collection.

Basic GIF

Ensuring Clean Game Install

If you've ever modded Cyberpunk before, it's important to ensure you have a clean game folder

Go to your main Cyberpunk 2077 directory and delete the "bin," "engine," "r6," and "red4ext" folder

Clean Install 1

Additionally delete the "mod" folder in "Cyberpunk 2077/archive/pc/"

Clean Install 2

Now make sure you go and verify your game files through Steam, GOG or Epic

Obtaining Vortex

In order to install this or any other collection, you will need the official Nexus mod manager Vortex which can be downloaded from the link below


On Vortex, go to the top right and click the red person image next to the bell icon

Vortex First Steps 1

A popup will come up asking you to log in or register on the Nexus Mods website, click on "Log In On Website"

Vortex First Steps 2

The Nexus Mods website will pop up, on which you should click "AUTHORIZE"

Vortex First Steps 3

Now on Vortex at the top right near the bell icon it will now show your account name

Managing Cyberpunk

In the main Vortex Window, click on "Select a game to manage"

Vortex First Steps 5

On the next screen scroll down to the "Cyberpunk 2077" icon and, when mousing over it, click on "Manage" in orange

Vortex First Steps 6

On the popup that appears, click on "Download" on the bottom right in orange, after this Vortex will restart

Vortex First Steps 7

After Vortex restarts, a "Game not discovered" popup will appear, click "Continue" at the bottom right of the popup in orange

Vortex First Steps 8

A window will now pop up where you should choose the folder for your main "Cyberpunk 2077" install directory

Vortex First Steps 9

Vortex will pop up a window titled "REDmod DLC missing" on which you should click "Ignore"

REDmod first BS popup

On your main Vortex window, it will now show an icon for "Cyberpunk 2077" showing that it is a managed game in Vortex

Vortex First Steps final

To verify that the extension is installed correctly, go to the left hand side and click on "Extensions"


In the main window in the search bar, if you type the beginnings of "Cyberpunk" then the following showing below means that your "Cyberpunk 2077 Vortex Support" extension is correctly installed and enabled, per the icon in green

Vortex Extension Success

If the "Cyberpunk 2077 Vortex Support" does not seem to be installed and enabled, further down in the main window click on the orange "Find more" button

Find More

Then search for and install "Cyberpunk 2077 Vortex Support"

Vortex Extension

Staging Folder

To avoid issues, it is important to ensure that your "Mod Staging Folder" in Vortex is on the same hard drive as your copy of Cyberpunk 2077. On the left hand side of Vortex, click "Settings"

Staging Folder 1

On the top bar click "Mods"

Staging Folder 2

Under the section that says "Mod Staging Folder" in green, check the file path in orange below and ensure that it is on the same hard drive that your copy of Cyberpunk 2077 is on. If it is not, click the file icon near the right hand side in order to specify a "Mod Staging Folder" or you can click "Suggest" for Vortex to automatically suggest a file path that is on the same hard drive

Staging Folder 3

Disabling REDmod Autoconversion

Go to the top left hand side of the grey bar in Vortex and click on "Dashboard"

Redmod 1

In the middle of the page check to see if "REDmod Autoconvert" says "No", if not click on "REDmod Autoconvert" to change it from "Yes" to "No"

Redmod 2

Redmod 3

Profile Management

To enable "Profile Management" in Vortex click on "Settings" on the left hand side


On the top bar, ensure that you are on the "Interface" section

Interface Profile Management Step

In the "Advanced" section below turn on "Enable Profile Management"


For REDmod Users Only

Ignore this step if you have not installed the REDmod DLC, as it will screw up your install. This is a mandatory step for users who have installed the REDmod DLC

If you have installed the REDmod DLC, go to the cybercmd page at the link below


In the "Main Files" section of the page, click on "Mod Manager Download" for the latest version of "cybercmd"

cybercmd 1

On the popup click "Download"

cybercmd 2

If you click on "Mods" on the grey pane on the left side of Vortex, you will see that the "cybercmd" mod has been downloaded and enabled

cybercmd 4

Adding Collection

Click on the "Add to Vortex" button on the collection page at the top right

Add to Vortex

Once you click on "Install Now" Next to the Cyberpunk Thing logo in Vortex your installation will begin

Starting install

It will be clear once the actual download of the collection is completed when the "Collection installation complete" screen pops up

Download Complete

Cyberpunk THING is now installed

Updating Collection

Updating the collection is as easy as clicking the "Update" button


When prompted to "Remove mods from old revision" make sure to click the "Remove All" button

Update Removing Old Mods

The uninstalled mod archives are left in the "Mods" list in bright blue, which you should delete

Update Removing Old Mods step 2

Do not update any of the mods in the collection individually in Vortex! The philosophy of this collection is that when a mod updates, we update a full revision in order to keep everything up to date and interfacing correctly; when you see a new revision, update to it. If anything special is needed we will mention it in the changelog


CET Setup

When you start the game for the first time you will be met with an overlay prompting you to choose a key to toggle on Cyber Engine Tweaks, recommend that you choose the "~" key for the "Overlay Key"

First CET Popup

The main "Cyber Engine Tweaks" window will now pop up, and on it you should click the "Bindings" button near the top left of the window

CET Binding

Recommend binding keys for "BetterScopes", "CustomQuickslots", "NanoDrone", and "QuestTrackingToggle" in the "Bindings" section that pops up

Below the section there is a "Save" button which you should click to save any changes


Quickslots Settings

Navigating the Mods menu uses the arrows at the top to switch between the different pages of mods

After clicking "Mods" in the main menu, navigate to the "QSLOTS" section, recommend changing "Other Consumable Item Mods Compatibility Mode," "Hide empty consumable and grenade slots," "Hide empty cyberware ability slots" and "Small item slots" to "On". Recommend changing "Number of Custom Quickslots" to "0" and then adding slots as needed during the course of gameplay.

Qslots Recommended Settings Combined

Recommended Game Settings

This collection is built around the very hard difficulty setting

After clicking "Settings" in the main menu, near the left side of the top menu click on the "GAMEPLAY" section, recommend changing "Aim Assist" and "Aim Assist - Melee Combat" to "Off"

Gameplay Recommended Settings Combined

Near the right side of the top menu click on the "INTERFACE" section, recommend changing "Damage Numbers Mode" to "Off," "Overhead Damage Numbers" to "None," and "Threat and Damage Indicator" to "Damage Only"

Interface Recommended Settings Combined

Further down in the "HUD Visibility" section, recommend keeping all on except "Hints," "Activity Log," and "NPC Names"

Hud Visibility

New players may want to keep "Hints" on until they feel they no longer need them

Adjusted Mod Configuration

Several mods in the collection have been adjusted with permission from their mod authors. You are limited to using the Techdeck from Drone Companions as an alternative to a cyberdeck rather than something that can be run in tandem. The movement changes from Alternate Midair Movement and Walljumping are now part of the Maneuvering System cyberware.


To uninstall click the "Remove" button on the collection in the "Collections" section of Vortex

uninstall step 1

Open your game directory and go to "Cyberpunk 2077\r6\cache" folder and delete the file "final.redscripts"

uninstall step 3

Rename "final.redscripts.bk" to "final.redscripts"

uninstall step 4

Click "Yes" on the popup to confirm that you would like to rename the file to "final.redscripts"

uninstall step 5

What was once "final.redscripts.bk" will now be "final.redscripts"

uninstall step 6

Credits and Thanks

A special thanks to TeslaCoiled, without whom this crazy experiment would never have gotten off the ground.

This could not have been done without the Cyberpunk modding scene at large. They have taken what could have been a forgettable game and turned it into an unforgettable experience.

Additional thanks and credits to:

Remember to endorse the mods in this that you enjoy: the people who made these mods are the only reason this exists.

For support or to give feedback you can reach us at the collection discord link below:

Discord Link

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