days gone but improved

days gone but improved

Gameplay tweaks

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Changes the gameplay but doesn't makes Deacon op

Main features

  • Gameplay tweaks

Before you start

-reshade and dark nights are not included and have to be manually installed. The installation is explained on the mod pages of the mods

reshade(used realistic.ini):

darker nights(used dark sky, moon, and exposure at 40%):

it's easy to install both mods they are optional files I recommend them for the best experience I also use a mod that changes the way deacon looks just disable it if u don't want it


  • all given but I would recommend installing reshade I am not sure if you need it for toggle Hud mod just install version 4.9.1 of it

Recommended specs

if u can run days gone on your PC you can run it you will maybe have 5 frame drops when using reshade

Compatible collections

should work with all if u experience any problems just report them and I will check them

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