Fallout 3 cosmetic mods

Fallout 3 cosmetic mods

This collection mostly contains HD texture packs.

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This collection contains only changes which are cosmetic and do not affect the vanilla gameplay. This includes HD texture packs, PS4 button prompts, in first-person mode showing the player's body and shadow, the mod which hides the UI except when it is needed, borderless windowed mode, and a dialog option for not being rude to Wasteland ghouls. The Inventory Sorters mod affects the Aid tab by adding automatic sorting by subcategory. The Inventory Sorters mod assumes that all DLCs are installed and active, but you can uninstall that one if you don't want to use one of the DLCs.

Some of the mods require you to manually open the Vortex mod's directory, browse to a directory for a variety of the mod, and then copy its texture directory to the mod's directory. This is how you select a variety of the mod. For the pre-war money texture, I chose lightly distressed $5s, and for the cigarette carton/pack textures, I chose white Lucky Strikes, because it sounds like Fallout even though it was a real brand, and packaging was white in 1941 (green before then). I chose the liquor HD texture pack that is closest to the vanilla textures, using fictional Fallout brands, but the mod creator has textures for real-life brand names available.

This mod also adds ambient animal sounds to the Wasteland.

If you need to improve your frame rate, the 4K Capital Wasteland mod is the most taxing mod affecting the outdoors. Disabling it will downgrade the outdoor Wasteland ground textures to the 2K NMC textures, which are still a very nice upgrade from the vanilla version.

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