0rc1nus' Mod List

0rc1nus' Mod List

Improved weather, sky, and Pip-Boy flashlight. Includes commonwealth cuts as well, and Modern Firearms to massively spice up the base weapons. Cover image unrelated, no TF2 related content whatsoever

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A simple vanilla+ mod collection designed for ease of use. Fixes a few quality-of-life "issues" that I didn't like, and a substantial addition/overhaul to the weapons (firearms specifically). Compatible with most other mods, but the following types of mods are probably not likely to work:

Weather mods Lighting mods Overhaul mods

To change settings of applicable mods, reinstall via vortex. However, this is intended to work well out-of-the-box, so if you have any issues with the mods, or suggestions, you can email me at [email protected] and I can try to fix/add mods for the next revision(s).

I'm not sure if this is necessary to say but I did not make any of the mods, and any mods unavailable from Nexus should be directly downloaded from their respective websites

Known Bugs:

BCR (the mod that counts reloads for revolvers and shotguns) doesn't work immediately when starting a new game, it works after saving, closing, and reloading the save.

Known Issues (balancing, gameplay, etc):

Certain weapons when wielded by enemies can demolish a full-health high level (~ level 50) in fractions of a section. These are listed separately below.

Known "insta-kill" weapons:

[RMG3] - Light machine gun, extreme rate of fire and double damage of same-caliber weapons of any variant. This thing is a f***ing beamer and will mess you up. I'm talking "no amount of chems or heals can save you" dangerous. It has a recognizable firing sound, and if you encounter someone with this, you either need to kill them immediately or get into cover, running will almost definitely not help. Of course when a player tries to use it, the recoil is immense. If you find a way to remove this one weapon from the pack, definitely tell me.

[MNG] - It's a minigun. Realistic rate of fire (we're talking 6,000 RPM) and damage comparable to Assault Rifle weapons of its caliber. However, the inaccuracy of it by NPCs makes it manageable to fight with caution

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