Module 00 - Core / F4SE, ENB NAC X

Module 00 - Core / F4SE, ENB NAC X

F4SE, Buffout, FallUI, NAC X and Reactor ENB

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Collection created: 	03.04.2022
Last Update:			17.08.2022
F4SE: 					0.6.23
Fallout: 				1.10.163
ENB:					0.468

This is an Advanced Setup, and therefor requires multiple manual steps! If you are not willing to follow these instructions or expect a "one-click" solution, please consider another collection.

Make sure to UN-check the Gamma-Calibration box during the ENB configuration screen, or you will have a (what seems to be) "black screen".

See details below Manual-steps!

Sadly - but also obviously, the modular approach is not compatible with the "all-in-one" collections, as all of them provide the basics as well. Talking about (but not limited to) F4SE and ENB, allthough you can install another ENB instead of the recomend here, in which case the installation procedure might be different as described.

On the other hand, this apporach is exactly for you, if you just want a guide for the basics to get started and continue on your own from there.

All my modules are working great at 30 FPS on:

  • CPU: i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz (from 2017)
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • GPU: GTX 970 4 GB VRAM

If you want to go for 60 FPS, use this: 60 fps However, I recomend to only use this if you have a better GPU than me, as the GPU will get hotter than with 30 FPS. Furthermore, you will notice the FPS drops to 30 or 25 A LOT more, while with 'fixed' 30 FPS you will not (as much).

Disclaimer and Explanation

As far as I'm aware, these are the most important mods that you will need, sooner or later, in any mod configuration.

I always wanted a "starting point" from where to start modding in different ways, now with collections, this is it! :)

This said, this collection is ment to be used as starting modul, so you (I, we) can use the description text of our collections to describe our collections and keep track of those revisions.

But before we start, lets make sure that:

  • You start with an new/empty Vortex profile
  • Install all official DLCs (if available)
  • But ignore the official HD texture DLC (do NOT install that one, really, dont!)
  • Start the game at least once to the main menu, before we continue.


  • You do not need the "Achievement" mod, as you will able to gain achievements by using Buffout!
  • While we do setup Vortex to start F4SE, we still install "Auto Backup" in case we start Fallout 4 from Steam by accident.

Set up Vortex:

In order to keep this page a bit over-seeable, I've prepared a Steam-Guide on how to set up Vortex.

If this is your first time with Vortex, Modding and/or Collections, it is a MUST read!

Manual Installation:

I just mention F4SE to be sure you have it installed - if you had skipped the Guide for setting up Vortex

Sadly, I cannot automate the ENB files, as they are within subdirectories of the "zip file", which wont work with an automated approach.

  • Download F4SE
    • 0.6.23
    • Drag the file into the Vortex its "Drop Files" field
    • Or install as described in the Steam Guide (recomended)
  • Download both the 32 and 64 bit variants from MS C+ VS redist
    • Install both packages
  • Download ENB
    • Pick highest version
    • Scroll down
    • Click the icon with the "down" arrow next to the text "Download" just above the big grey bar at the bottom
    • Open ZipFile
      • Enter: WrapperVersion
      • Copy content (drag+drop) to your GameDir
    • Open ZipFile
      • Enter: 1 - Main File/Fallout 4 Folder/
        • Copy content (drag+drop) to your GameDir
      • Go back
      • Enter: 2 - Optional/Patch ENB Lights Overhaul
        • Copy content (drag+drop) to your GameDir

I've provided a bundled package with modified configuration files, so you have to do less.

  • This will change the modded hotkey for ENB "back" to shift+enter, as shown during startup of the game.
  • Also ENB-screenshot are now on "prt scrn", rather than F12, so you dont do 2 screenshots at the very same keypress.
  • If you want to change more of the hotkeys for ENB, please visit: CreationKit Wiki and do the changes on enblocal.ini.

Important Note:

  1. Please make sure to change the slider until you see the "Reactor" text within the box
  2. Make sure to uncheck the checkbox
  3. Save the settings

Reactor ENB


Sephrajins Scripts for Fallout 4 (optional)

  • Download: Sephs Scripts for FO4
    • Use the FOMOD installer by droping it into the "Drop Files" field of Vortex or
    • Extract all files starting with s*.txt_ from the folders: default, deluxe and start to your GameDir
  • Download: <Any Save Game "Mod">
    • For example one of my The Save Game (TSG)
    • Extract the *.FOS and *.F4SE files to My Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Saves-Modded (or the according savegame dir of the current profile)

You can now close: My Documents\My Games\Fallout4

Get Started:

Finaly we can let Vortex do its job, hit that "Add to Vortex" button!

Once the remainnig mods are installed, you may look into the "Mod" section and enable any optional mods that you might like, see below.

Fall UI:

This is an awesome mod and comes with A LOT functionality.

Install Dialog for FallUI Inventory:

  1. All Options checked
  2. Choose your language - I cannot do this or you'll have issues (unless you want to learn german)


Modules are small and specialized mod-collections that aim to be interchangeable to tweak your per-game preferences.



  • Module 00 - Core: F4SE ENB Poseidon
  • Module 04 - Weather: TrueStorm

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