The Fallout Historical Arsenal

The Fallout Historical Arsenal

A comprehensive collection of every single currently-available weapon that has appeared in the Fallout franchise since 1997. Fallout 1 &2, Tactics, 3, 4, and even 76…this collection has them all! (Requires SKSE and all DLCs)

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War…War never changes.

But weapons? Weapons change all the time.

In the 25 years since the Fallout franchise first ushered players into the Wasteland, the series’ arsenal of exotic, creative, and downright crazy weaponry has always been one of its strongest points. The innovative instruments of death and destruction dreamed up by Interplay, Bethesda, and Obsidian have enabled players to hack, slash, shoot, burn, and explode their way through every threat the Wasteland has to offer.

But times change.

Franchises change hands, game engines update, lore gets rewritten…and sometimes the weapons we’ve come to love fall by the wayside between games.

While the new weapons added by subsequent games have been great in their own right, each iconic armament that has disappeared has taken a bit of Fallout history with it. "Who are we that do not know our history?”

But thanks to the hard work and dedication of mod authors (without whom collections like this wouldn’t even be possible), almost every single one has been brought back to the Commonwealth Wasteland!

This collection offers a comprehensive list of every single weapon (or at least the currently available ones) to ever appear in the Fallout franchise. From Interplay’s Fallout 1, 2, and Tactics to Obsidian’s Fallout New Vegas and Bethesda’s Fallout 3, 4, and 76, this collection has them all!

And before you venture out into the Wasteland with your new arsenal of lore-friendly weapons, don’t forget to drop some endorsements/donations for the creators that made it all possible.

Additional Notes

  1. Leveled Lists

While most of the weapon mods in this collection come with their own leveled list integration, there are a handful that do not, instead requiring chem bench crafting or spawning via console commands. However, the Lore-Friendly Weapons Project and Weapons Level List Patches provide this for every remaining mod! The FOMOD that runs upon installation will automatically detect applicable weapon mods, allowing you to customize leveled lists to preference. Pick and choose the options that best suit your game.

And speaking of leveled lists, in order to make sure all your new weapons appear in-game, you’ll likely have to make a merged patch with FO4Edit. Here’s a helpful tutorial from legendary mod author Skibadaa to show you how:

*And trust me…you know enough to install a mod, you know enough to do this too!

  1. Classic Holstered Weapons System

CHWS is essentially a load order staple for many Fallout 4 players, and almost all the weapons in this collection support it without a problem. However, the Crossbow is a notable exception. When used with CHWS, the Crossbow will cause a full CTD. To avoid this: Add "ExcludedWeaponFormId_Crossbow=Crossbow.esp|F9C" to the bottom of ClassicHolsteredWeaponsConfig.ini without quotes. (Courtesy of the mod page).

Completing the Collection

  1. Creation Club

In a handful of cases, weapons from previous games and concept art were introduced via Fallout 4’s Creation Club, and several have no free mod alternative. Assuming you’re willing to spend some real-world money for Bethesda Credits (or you can get them for free during Bethesda’s frequent sales), the following weapons can round out your collection:

  • Handmade Shotgun
  • Tesla Cannon
  • Zetan Arsenal (Alien Atomizer, Alien Disintegrator, Alien Shock Baton)
  1. Non-Nexus Mods

Three notable weapons missing from the collection are the Anti-Materiel Rifle and the Single-Action Army Revolver from Fallout New Vegas and the MP40, a successor to the MP38 from Fallout Tactics.

The creators of these mods, ToastyFresh and TrophiHunter respectively, pulled their mods from Nexus during the controversy over the announcement of Collections. As such, providing a direct download option seems totally contrary to what these authors would’ve wanted for their work.

Out of respect to those authors, these mods have not been included for automated download in the “Offsite Requirements” section. However, they are still available via the following links from the authors themselves.

  • Anti-Materiel Rifle:
  • Single-Action Army:
  • MP40:

A handful of ammo type patches and miscellaneous fixes for these three mods are included in the “Optional Mods” section, to be downloaded if these weapons are installed manually.

Sincere thanks to TrophiHunter and ToastyFresh/the F4NV Team for continuing to share their work while also standing up for the rights of the community’s creators.

Optional Files

  1. “Non-Canon” Weapons:

When Bethesda took over the Fallout franchise before the release of Fallout 3, Fallout Tactics was decanonized, meaning that, technically, all the weapons appearing exclusively in that game are no longer officially part of the series. While several have been reinstated in later games, others have not been.

Additionally, many Tactics weapons leaned more heavily towards the real-world modern/tactical style, meaning they might not be a perfect fit for a strictly lore-friendly load order anyway.

However, just because BETHESDA didn’t want these weapons in their games anymore doesn’t mean YOU can’t have them…

The following Tactics weapons and their associated patches/add-ons have been included in the “Optional Mods” category.

  • AKM
  • Beretta M92FS
  • Bren Gun
  • Flamer Pistol
  • Grenade Pistol
  • Claw Hammer
  • M14
  • M249 SAW
  • H&K MP5
  • MP40 (successor to the MP38)
  • P220 Sig Saur
  • Ruger Mini
  • Sten Gun
  • Steyr AUG
  • Uzi
  • Walther MPL

Additionally, the 5.56 Auto-Loader Pistol (originally the .223 Auto-Loader) appeared in the concept art for Interplay's "Project Van Buren," the Fallout 3 that never was. Although neither canonical nor formerly canonical, this weapon also appears as an optional download.

  1. Concept Art Weapons:

Ah, what might have been…

"The Art of Fallout 4" gives us a behind-the-scenes look at some of Bethesda’s original plans for the Commonwealth’s assortment of weapons. While most of their ideas were fully implemented, a few designs were left on the cutting room floor.

But does that mean they aren’t lore-friendly? That’s for you to decide.

“Optional Mods” based on concept art include:

  • Crude Blowback (The OG Blue Tape Weapon!!)
  • Advanced Plasma Pistol
  • Courser Bio-Rifle
  • Pipe Shotgun Variants + Cranky Shotgun
  • Handmade Revolver
  • Laser Addons
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