Nightmares 2.0
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Nightmares 2.0

Warning: Add collection at your own peril!

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May 09, 2022


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Hunt gruesome monsters or become one in this horror-themed overhaul geared towards lore-friendly immersion.

Main features

Survive the long night
  • Darker Nights (24/7 Darkness)
  • Campsite - Simple Wasteland Camping (and HD Sleeping Bags)
  • Pip-Boy Flashlight (Pipboy - Power Armor - Lamp Overhaul)
  • PLUNDER - Survival Combat Overhaul
  • Underground Hideout
Things that go bump in the night
  • Capital Wasteland Behemoths
  • Capital Wasteland Centaurs
  • Capital Wasteland Radscorpions
  • Commonwealth Critters
  • Creepy Mannequins
  • Crows And Creatures
  • D.E.C.A.Y - Better Ghouls
  • Deadlier Deathclaws
  • Deathwings
  • FallEvil - Complete Edition
  • Institute Centaurs
  • Lamprey Floaters
  • Lots More Settlers and Enemies
  • Mutant Menagerie - Big Game Hunting
  • Mutant Menagerie - Horrors of the Deep Fog
  • Night of the Creeps
  • Nightstrikers
  • No Place is Safe - Hunted Encounters
  • Quantum Creatures
  • Rad Spiders - Giant Spiders of the Commonwealth
  • Super Mutant Redux
  • Synth Overhaul - C.A.S.T
  • SyntheticZombies
  • The Famished
  • Vault Buddy Follower
  • Zombie Walkers
  • Alcohol Effects
  • Smokeable Cigars - Cigarettes - Joints
  • Chem Visuals
Bonus content!
  • Children of Ug-Qualtoth
  • Sanguinaire
  • Depravity - A Harmless Bit of Fun
  • Outcasts and Remnants - Quest Mod Plus
  • Flashy(JoeR) - Gun For Hire - Commonwealth Mercenary Jobs
  • Boston Emergency Services Mod (BESM)
  • The Lost Building of Atlantic
  • Diamond City Expansion
  • Better Goodneighbor
  • Night of the Living Dead (VotW)
  • Dogmetal (Dogs Robots companions)
  • Looney Longfellow
Optional travel mods plus so much more!

Before you start

  • Recommended clean Install of F4+DLC
  • Add mods for desired Weapons/Armour/Clothing
  • Pour salt around PC/Gaming area
  • Check settings in-game and adjust mods in MCM to your preference
  • Lock all doors/windows


  • Fallout 4+DLC
  • F4SE
  • Nexus Mod Manager
  • Impure soul
  • New Game

Warning: Choosing to play on Survival will result in an extreme amount of death

Compatible collections

  • Hardcore SS2 (Unofficial) 2

Included collections

  • FO4 Essentials
  • Furglitch Graphics Pack - Fallout
  • Combat Evolved
  • Enemies got skills - grab skills


This collection is not recommended (...or is recommended for exposure therapy..) to anyone suffering from the following;

Coulrophobia, Cyberphobia, Automatonophobia, Arachnophobia, Batrachophobia, Astraphobia, Zoophobia, Hemophobia, Thalassophobia, Claustrophobia, Insectophobia, Microphobia, Ophidiophobia, Pyrophobia, Domatophobia, Elurophobia, Trypanophobia, Equinophobia, Megalophobia, Nyctophobia, Koinoniphobia, Hypochondria, Ornithophobia, Noctiphobia, Cynophobia, Anginophobia, Ombrophobia, Necrophobia, Achluophobia, Hydrophobia, Pedophobia, Agoraphobia, Entomophobia, Tonitrophobia, Xenophobia, Wiccaphobia, Algophobia, Dendrophobia, Mysophobia, Phobophobia, Selenophobia, Technophobia

Obviously mental disorders are no joking matter and if you feel any of these are impacting you in a way that disrupts functional living it is recommended to speak to a physician and/or therapist right away.


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