Enclave Commonwealth Detachment

Enclave Commonwealth Detachment

Allows the player to play as a lore friendly character that still plays like the sole survivor while also being an enclave Operative

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This mod collection aims to add a lore friendly character that is still the sole survivor with classic fallout vibes. My lore follows a pre-war soldier (The Sole survivor) that was part of the special operations Delta force units. Having access to Top Top Secret clearance by the US Army, allowed the sole survivor to be invited to the Enclave. He was stationed at Hanscom AFB, the Base Commander did not see his records being part of the base and was considered "REDACTED" under any official Army documents. Only Special operations officers and the Enclave had access to his file. He was specifically stationed to Hanscom AFB as a "Pretend civilian" noting that he was given access to the local Vault. When the bombs fell, he went into the vault and his family as well... Also, I will be posting of my own pics soon.

Main features

This collection has many enclave themed mods. this collection also doesn't include america rising as i have it on local fallout 4. But is recommended to have alternate life like mods or america rising mod.

Extra Mods

I recommend you acquire these mods either through nexus or through the local mod game store

  1. Service Rifle
  2. Deadly Raiders of the Commonwealth
  3. America Rising - Gear of the Enclave
  4. Gear of the Enclave Distribution
  5. Deadly Gunners of the Commonwealth
  6. America Rising - A tale of the Enclave
  7. See Through Scopes
  8. True Storms: Wasteland Edition
  9. [PC] TSSMSR
  10. HudFramework [PC]


I also want to note I use the Xbox game pass version for PC, so... If you are downloading onto a steam version of fallout, make sure you fallout is up to date and can run with this mods

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