Brave the horrors of A WINTER HORRORLAND: The Ultimate Fallout 4 Tactical Winter-Survival Horror Experience ---------Latest Version Here: https://next.nexusmods.com/fallout4/collections/isi6do

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A Winter Horrorland is a Winter-Survival Horror experience, intended to breathe life back into Fallout 4 Survival Mode. Sink another 100 hours into this truly terrifying wasteland, and discover why you were ever afraid of the dark all those years ago... Featuring Whispering Hills as the Main Overhaul as well as many modern weapons to choose from. Also featuring a completely overhauled soundtrack that is absolutely amazing. COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE START!

Please assure you have a clean mods folder with nothing installed. If you want to add mods later you most certainly can, but you probably won't have to! Achievements AND console commands are enabled! So you can still earn those precious steam points or player.setlevel xXx ;)



All additional settings changes about to be listed are simply because of limitations with the Engine, MCM, and setting up any new save (minus in game things like graphics and controls of course)

Apply all MCM settings after load in, a profile SHOULD already exist within MCM Settings Manager, simply hit apply (Might have to apply twice): I recommend doing this after all pop-ups are complete and you have your pip-pad. I also Recommend doing a basement shelter start to adjust, get very much needed supplies, and adjust further MCM settings. Speaking of which, here are some setup MUSTS:

Adjust to a Fallout 3 hud in FallUI MCM HUD for maximum Immersion if not already applied for you. Keep the crosshair size, change aiming to a DOT and change color to grey(optional) if you prefer a minimal crosshair. (status message window size tied to crosshair size for some reason lol)

Customize the 3rd person Camera however you like in the MCM under Custom Camera. First disable E3PC in the MCM just under Custom Camera. You can do so easily in E3PC MCM under settings. Back in Custom Camera, It is set to default so you can set it however you like. I normally set zoom to 32, left/right values to 45 for standard and 50 each for combat. Try these if you would like a pretty standard 3rd person experience. I set standard vertical at 0, and combat vertical at -1. You can also play with the minimum/maximum distances for more fun! I like 70 / 180. NOTE: EVERY TIME YOU LOAD THE GAME, YOU HAVE TO APPLY THE MCM SETTING FOR THIS. THEY SAVE, YOU JUST HAVE TO CLICK APPLY UPON LOADING. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Once again, This is located at the top of the MCM under MCM settings. What a drag yo! However, after a few saves, it just might stay! Isn't Fallout 4 fun?

BPM Icon is a console command: cqf MCM_KILLTIPS SetPos <x> <y> try 980 460 and go from there. I like it under my grenade Icon, Must Turn on in MCM if not carried over for some reason.

NW Temp Widget MCM HUD Setting is already set, just needs "apply widget" click that, good to go

Gas Masks - This pack features Gas Masks of The Wasteland for the penultimate immersive experience. In 3rd person, glass overlays can be cumbersome, so they are disabled by default. ImageSpace Screen Effects however, (while sometimes glitchy and won't show) are not cumbersome and can be used seamlessly in 3rd person. When it decides it wants to show up... If you have screen effects on (Rain, snow, dust, etc.) it will sometimes create a glass overlay. Either disable these, or use screen wipe to have it disappear. If you are going to disable these, at least try to keep snow on for immersion. Otherwise, they can be disabled at any time. When precipitation weathers occur, you better scramble to put that mask on! You'll be warned with a helpful prompt and an accompanied Tone will chime. You'll have to manage filters, and condition of your mask(s) if they get damaged in a firefight. By default, I have Auto Replace Filters Enabled, but if you're super hardcore, this can always be deactivated to a Favorites slot with the provided AID item. I also have some hotkeys enabled for some gasmask features (see hotkey manager) If you don't want this feature, it can be deactivated at any time in either the holotape, or within MCM. Gas Masks MCM HUD is already set, just click and move it slightly, then esc/apply, all set (should be in the lower {almost} right corner, in the space to the left of your AMMO) If you want to add your own Gas masks to the list, (like the rebel gas mask I have in the pictures) choose the global database option. This will drop a box. Simply drop your mask in and exit the screen. You will be prompted to add it to the database, and presto! Gas mask is back in your inventory, and it just works. -Todd Howard

DEF Needs Widget holotape: x scale = 0.8 y scale = 0.8 x pos = 40 y pos = 610 (If not in inventory, sleep-save, and reload. Should appear after that) I turn off Colors, Turn on messages, and select Icons, Percent.

To maximize FPS while retaining the beauty of this mod pack, I recommend these graphics settings: Set Shadows/distance and lighting settings to medium, LOD settings both to high, disable motion blur, GOD RAYS on Ultra, Texture Q to high.

Adjust Controls as follows [This is Absolutely needed to play smoothly do to a lean around cover feature with {left}LCTRL and {Right}SPACE]: Favorites = t Sneak = q Vats = \ (Bullet time is on V) Run = ] Auto walk = [ Jump = f

Brush over the Hot Keys Manager in the MCM to see what features are offered! FEATURING FUNCTONAL PMC FAST HELMET FLASHLIGHT AND NVG. XM2010 NVG FEATURES NO EQUIPMENT REQUIRMENTS (not as good as the fast Helm) Mix and match them i.e. PMC NV with XM2010 Thermal Vision, or PMC TV with XM2010 NV!

NACx - Pip Flashlight optional for non fast helmet players is in the NAC settings under Apparel in the Pip Pad. Set timescale to 5. Enable Winter climate if you dare. Disable all Rain Weathers for further immersion if you like. If you ever get flickering snow, come here! You can load in "misty snow" for example, and it will instantly fix any weird snow effects going on. Piece of cake!

For SIM SETT. 2, if you experience any early game quest bugs, you can always advance or reset them at the Desk from the Workshop. All walled settlement add-ons are not combined in the settlement limit, and shouldn't be affected by SIM and cannot be tweaked. However, if for some reason you like dying a lot, you can disable them. There are two files, just search Wall in your mods library.

At the Chem station, you can craft the Whispering Hills HoloTape. I recommend turning settlement attacks off, but you can leave it on if you like. Be sure not to bring any settlers to the Whispering Hills Main quest City, as it will break the game according to the Devs.

If you feel Cheeky Breeky, you can utilize all the wonderful goodies in Dr. Mobius's Bunker, filled with all the items your character will ever need for all of eternity. Use this hideout to stay away the cold, resupply, or simply get your PMC gear a little early from the Chem station ;) Very useful for multiple runs or getting a new save up to speed in no time. Conveniently placed next to the Workbench in Sanctuary.

You can rename ANYTHING in your inventory with custom ICONS by inspecting with x, and renaming with T!

You should be all set!

Beware Siren Head - Yes. That Siren head

Beware The Wendigo - A demonic Deathclaw Replacement

Beware the Hordes - Zombie walkers is currently set to Lite mode by default CAUTION: Enable Add. Spawns/Replace Spawns at your own risk. This can cause FPS issues, as well as insane difficulty spikes!

Beware the Night - It's dark, and horrifying, and sometimes sprinting blindly is totally viable

Stay Warm - Find Heat sources under Resources - MISC. Functional campfire under Nuclear winter in the Chem Station (NOT UNDER CAMPING) For all camping gear, simply drop the item from your inventory on the ground. POOF! Campsite (Yes, that is under camping in the Chem Stations, just craft fire kits from NW)

Stay Alive - Defenses are a Settlers only friend. You can never have too much (maintenance from SIM2 disabled by default to allow maximum defenses. Re-enable at your own risk

Don't forget your gas mask and filters...


USEFUL CONSOLE COMMANDS: Eliminate {} when entering/copying

{player.setlevel xXx} - You can do this on new game set up menu, but what if you forget the Armorsmith Perk x2?

{coc <i.e.diamondcity>ext} - Teleport for faster early game progression WARNING AVOID CONCORD

{showlooksmenu player 1} - Dangit My beard is too long! Adjust your look anytime here! (face camera in 3rd person towards your character first! :)

{player.restoreav rads xXx} - Remove rads if you accidently mess up w/ your gasmask early game

{player.resethealth} - because sometimes we all mess up when learning new mod overhauls

Big Thank You to ALL the BEAUTIFUL modders out there <3

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