The Sprawl
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The Sprawl

Welcome to the Sprawl- Expanding on choice, exploration, and the Fallout experience

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The Sprawl

A expansive collection meant to bring you more of the Fallout experience. More choices, more quests, more gear, more creatures, more Fallout with a hint of Mad Max and some additional transhumanist choices for flavor. Welcome to the Sprawl.

  • More locations to explore
  • More quests to do
  • More companions to recruit
  • More radio stations
  • More guns
  • More character options like cybernetics and mutations
  • A drivable motorcycle and moveable player home apc
  • More settlement options
  • More armor and outfits
  • Survival Options Customization
  • More Creatures, old and new
  • Alternate or vanilla start, your choice as you create your character
  • Improved animations and combat

These combine to make not only a more expansive commonwealth but with a more dangerous combat system where you can't soak up a half dozen shotgun blasts strolling through concord. It is designed around the Survival difficulty. Instead of going for a hardcore survival experience it is being tuned for a more moderate experience where food, water, and sleep are necessary and can be deadly but not as aggressively in their timing. It also includes options for saving, including a hot key for those who don't wish to be constrained to items, locations, and actions for saving.

Warning! - Vortex is having a number of issues over the last couple weeks. The only fix I've found was people reinstalling until it worked. There is nothing I can do. This seems to be a Vortex issue beyond my control. Please report any and all issues via the report bug button at the top of the screen.

Install Instructions

Best practice is to install on a clean install. I don't know how this will react with any mods you may have, etc.

This should download without any extra instructions necessary. All through vortex. Don't try to do anything while it is downloading. It kicks up errors, wants deployment, etc. If you wait till its finished these will have sorted themselves out as it is part of the process. The errors are because its downloading and installing mods and their requirements with the options I used and sometimes it forgets it still has to do something else before it says there is a error.

If there are any conflicts tell Vortex to use suggested to resolve them. I've tested what it thinks to make sure its good to go.

The Sprawl Startup and MCM's Made Easy

Use the Survival difficulty setting.

Create your character then choose how you want to start, attributes, special, your choice of background, level 1, etc. Start around vault 111 or do the vanilla start and skip to past 111 if you go vanilla. Go to Vault 111 and enter it and progress the quest to 'report the kidnapping' and leave normally. When the caravan radio pops up listen to it immediately.

Once that is done and you have entered the game world save, exit to main menu, and load back in. Some mods require a save load to trigger their activation.

Now go into your inventory. Go to MISC, then to the settings selection in the misc category. You need to use the CROSS Strigidae tape and enable it. Then use the Machinegun Rebirth mod and enable the two level list injection options and the enemy turret spawn option. Eventually Lexington interiors holotape will be added to your inventory. Enter it, go to mod compatibility, then select tales from the commonwealth. Confirm, and exit out.

Enter your main menu and go into mod config, go down to MCM Settings Manager and apply the preset The Sprawl. Exit back into the game. Go to the Sanctuary workshop. Read the magazine on top, activate the workshop, and go to power. Build the Settlement Recruitment Beacon and a small generator to power it to start Sim Settlements 2. NOTE - If don't want to do the Sim Settlements story, or if you encounter bugs, use the city manager holotape and go to Tools, Cheats, and skip as much or little as you want and unlock what you like. If you do this, ignore the parts referencing the Stranger.

  • Important note that you shouldn't build much in Sanctuary/Red Rocket/Abernathy, they are too close together and the vanilla game has troubles let alone adding in things like SS2. I suggest building just to start the quest since you are going to be heading into concord. Keep this in mind going forward.

Talk to the Stranger, do his bit until he asks you to go to Concord with him to deal with some Raiders. Agree and head out for Concord and feel free to pick up Cogsworth and/or Dogmeat at this point. As you go over the bridge a Responder radio will be picked up, go and listen to it to start the quest. Once in Concord kill the raiders, talk to the Stranger, and go do the Museum of History like normal.

From here the choice is up to you, all the settings have been made and quests are done and started that need to be to avoid any issues later on.

Welcome to the Sprawl.

Key Gameplay Changes

If following the suggested settings and playing the game in survival, the following is true

  • Saving is restricted but more expansive then vanilla survival. Smoking, the bike, in the apc will also save the game, and for there is a hotkey option for those who want to have more control over their saves, which is \
  • Combat is deadlier, for you and your enemies. Head shots (weak points) can drop someone instantly. Watch out for bleeding and infection.
  • Surviving means resources. You'll need to eat, drink, and sleep. With the suggested values the food and water requirements will be less often as I felt the default values wanted you to consume a lot more then a person has to while active. The sleep I left as it requires you to basically sleep each night.
  • Radiation is more of a danger then before. Rain, Snow, Dust storms, and more can come with high doses of radiation. Get around inclement weather irradiating you by using a gas mask. Filters last ten minutes of use and can be crafted.
  • Settlement building can be done how you want, or you can make use of Sim Settlements 2 to build up your settlements.
  • You can take Dogmeat with you and another companion. Companions will also be better about stealth, but none stealthy companions are still going to be bad at it.
  • There is a APC player home near concord. It uses fuel and has several map locations it can be moved to. It also offers a bed, water, crafting stations, and a save point.
  • There is a motorcycle. It isn't perfect, but it works. It is near diamond city and takes materials to fix and fuel to drive. It can be upgraded in a few ways, like storage.
  • Combat is deadlier. No, really. Some places are straight up death sentences if you aren't prepared. Even in the areas around Lexington and south of Vault 111 can have enemies who can quickly overwhelm you. Don't get caught without a plan.

What are you running this on?

I'm running it on a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER 8GB, i7-10875H, 16gb ddr4, 1tb ssd


  • Multiple Radio Started Quests, Specifically The Responders and Casdin Caravan

Radio station triggered quests (seems to just be mod quests affected) sometimes end up playing a dead station after a while, not letting you listen to them. This is fixed by just listening to radio stations when they pop up.

  • Sim Settlements 2

Doors may have conflicts with sim settlements 2. If this happens, this is cut and pasted from SS2 to fix If you need access to a vanilla or mod-added location that a door from Chapter 2 is covering up, all of our doors can be toggled in the City Manager holotape.

After a door spawns for Chapter 2, it will appear in the holotape under Tools > Hijack so you can disable it temporarily to complete other quests, and then re-enable it if you need to access the Chapter 2 version again.

The stairs in the church glitch out sometimes. Working on fixing so that area doesn't go invisible when you enter it.

FEEDBACK & Support

Feedback isn't just welcome, its requested. Have a tip? Mod you think I should look at including? Question? Please leave a comment or @ me on the discord ArtificerSills#7454

The only exception to support is if you have other mods installed. I can't know what will happen with anything that I haven't tested. You are welcome to make changes, but then it is your list and I wish you the best of luck in bug squashing.

Shoutout to the mod authors! ------>

Without these fine folks this list wouldn’t be possible. I’m just here to produce a experience between the mods I enjoy having in my own game. They did all the hard work and deserve a endorsement to their mods. So make sure to endorse and show them you appreciate their work too.

Notable Mods

  • Better Locational Damage
  • Gasmasks of the Wasteland
  • Survival Options
  • Sim Settlements 2
  • Easy Hacking and Lockpicking
  • Real Comics
  • N.E.S.T. Survival Bunkers
  • Lexington Interiors
  • South of the Sea
  • Nuka World Open World Extended II
  • We are the Minutemen
  • Phase 4 : An institute Expansion
  • America Rising - A tale of the Enclave
  • Fallout Brotherhood - A Storyteller Quest
  • Fourville
  • Lima Detachment
  • The Machine and Her
  • Atomic Radio
  • Driveable Motorcycle
  • APC Home on the Move
  • Combined Arms and Expansion
  • And more!

  • Revision 22 I screwed up pushing out a update with extra files. I've fixed it. You don't need to download it again or anything to fix it. Go into the Plugins tab. Under flags sort by Could be Light. Put Molerat in the mod search bar for sorting, then hit 'mark as light' on any two, and everything will work correctly now. For everyone new download as normal, this won't be necessary.

  • Revision 21 Trying to fix issues some users were experiencing

Removed More where that came from and added Diamond City Radio Extended Removed redundant install of Start me up

  • Revision 20

Fixed issues that could happen at the start of the game in particular that were being caused by uneducated shooter. It has been removed.

  • Revision 19 The 'I can mod now so here comes patches' revision

Patched npc ranged accuracy, patched concord so Beantown and ss2 play nicely, Made Lexington a feral hellhole, added several notes to the world for flavor and content hints.

Added Curie as Synth, Hilda Hughes, Vault 494, Radium-inc, m84 flashbang, uneducated shooter, cazadores, portable junk recycler mk 2, secret service armor

Removed cvc trailer park, no negative affinity

  • Revision 18

Removed D.E.C.A.Y.

Added More Feral Ghouls, Terrifyer Ghouls

Bug squashing

  • Revision 17

Added Beantown interiors, hangman alley apartment interiors, The Danse Dilemma, Covenant Peaceful Solution, combat zone restored, raider power armor chop shop, stealth suit new vegas, armored general, rail road heavy overhaul, brotherhood of steel armor overhaul

Removed Fusion City Rising, Outcasts and Remnants, Project Valkyrie, Old world radio

Updated Sim Settlement 2 and associated mods

VERY Not Save Safe

  • Revision 16

Removed Depravity, a couple overlapping texture packs that mistakenly were forgotten holdovers

Added combined arms patches

Not Save Safe, May Cause Instability

  • Revision 15

Updates to a number of mods including more Sim Settlement updates

Added my first patch. Changes The Widow shotgun to remove none ballistic damage and lower its shell count to an appropriate 2. Changes to Mutations making them occur more rarely and to make Radaway remove a mutation more commonly without Starched Genes

  • Revision 14

Added MCM Manager for Gas Masks, Fixes for save issues with Sim Settlements 2

Restored Ron Perlman as the Narrator via Main Menu Replacer, because war, war never changes

More updates for a few mods

  • Revision 13

Updates for Sim Settlements 2 and a couple others

Added a patch for Gunner outfits

  • Revision 12

Updates for sim settlements 2

added new nevernude skins

  • Revision 11 - The updates keep coming

Updated yet more mods, including a number of Sim Settlement 2 mods that needed updates with the new chapter.

Removed None

Added More beards, cross crit gore-verhaul, buzz axe as opportunity adds since I had to update anyway.

Fixed a camera issue

Save Safe

  • Revision 10 - The 'I thought I was done and then Sim Settlements 2 drops a large update' revision

Updated a handful of mods

Added Sim Settlements 2 – Chapter 2

Removed Wasteland Custom Bike (The Rideable bike is still in. It just uses the normal bike model, and that core mod had too many bug fixes to not update so the skin is out for now)

Save Safe

  • Revision 9 - Decided to take a hard turn towards lore-friendly revision

Removed Shino Vault-Tec pack, post nuclear outfit, nano suit, HN66s EasyGirl Outfits for CBBE, Cyberpunk suit, banshee recon armor

Added CROSS Brotherhood Recon and Institute Expeditionary Suit, Dr Phibbs’ Neuro-Atomic Limbs For both of those mods, Tough Traveler, Tougher Cars

Save safe as long as you aren't using any of the removed items

  • Revision 8

Removed Pravda Yest Pravda, Creation Club Delayed, X12 Plasma Caster, ACR Camo gallery, Nameplate customization

Added Gas Masks of the Wasteland, Gas Mask Hat Fix, Dr. Phibbs' Neuro-Atomic Limbs - Courser Strigidae

Changed CBBE to have underwear

Save Safe

  • Revision 7 - Removed Bard’s collector, no granny panties for heather casdin ,Removed Sirius armor, Removed k9 harness, Removed tera rogue armor, Removed Sarah Rage armor, Removed TERA Punk armor

Added Immersive dogmeat, companion stealth distance fix, ncr desert raven armor, t-49 power armor, see through scopes mcm menu, Phase 4 : An institute expansion, CROSS Pre-war cybernetics, more weave, no railroad ballistic weave, Gunner outfit pack

Fixed Sims Settlement 2 Stranger not talking issue

Probably not save safe. It loads and there are no immediate issues (at least early game saves) but no clue if it will have issues later on, especially with the institute and adding in Phase 4.

  • Revision 6 - MCM Menu Preset added, Save Safe

  • Revision 5 - Fixed missing tools, Save Safe

  • Revision 4 - Fixed the alison preset issue by Removing preset alison

Fixed the motorcycle to be the proper replacement and it makes sound at all speeds now

Removed no settlement attacks

Added Power armor fast exit and enter, smokable smokes, better third person animations, better third person camera, Dog + companion at same time and a Dogmeat = Rex Replacer, MCM Settings Manager, Better explosives, better locational damage with its overhauls

Not Save Safe

  • Revision 3 - Bounty Hunt Radiant Quests, Classic Holstered weapons, Widowmaker shotgun, the quests Fallout Brotherhood and Commonwealth Responders, Power armor hud, Survival Options, Disease tweaks, Classic and prettied up fallout beasties like Behemoths, Crows and Creatures w/Deathclaws Gatorclaws & Radchicken, Lamprey floaters, centaurs, mantises, geckos, and nightstrikers. Best to restart to make use of survival options.

Not Save Safe

  • Revision 2 - Crossbows, melee changes, The Codex, and a new main menu. Save Friendly

  • Revision 1 - Launch

Future Plans?

I'd like to learn a bit more modding. Maybe make more outfit variations with prosthetics, add them in. Ditto on some quests, I'd like to write something for fun for once and make some quests to include.

Turn Lexington into a even more ghoul infested area. Lots more ghouls. Lots more danger. Make it a actual risk to try and raid some of the Lexington interiors that have gone untouched since the war.

Why Adult?

The same reasons as Vanilla, there is still a lot of content that wouldn't be cool for the little chitlins.

  • Graphic Violence
  • Cannibalism
  • Torture
  • Slavery
  • Sexual Assault
  • Sexual Content
  • Language
  • Shit be fucked, It's Fallout

This isn't lore friendly because (insert mod)

Fallout Lore has never been stable or clear. Even just 1 to 2 had the devs saying to ignore this, forget that, we didn't think about that'

So to me Lore Friendly means its within the theme and works in the world. So bringing in enemies from old games, or factions that aren't mentioned in the games you are all Lore Friendly. So instead of trying to define something ever changing and chaotic lets just enjoy the shit out of all the cool stuff the fallout universe has to offer.

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