Module 04 - Weather: True Storms
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Module 04 - Weather: True Storms

Weather, water and sky

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Wonderfull nightsky, reflecting waters, and meaner RAD-storms.

Feel free to reduce RAD storm occurency to your liking in the PIP-Boy with the "Configure TrueStorms" holotape!

Manual Installation: BEFORE "Add to Vortex"!!

  • Download High Res Night Sky Replacer Fo4 Version
    • Open Zipfile
    • Open folder: "High Res Night Sky Replacer"
    • Check Screenshots
    • Decide which sky you want
    • Drag+Drop the content of (example): 5 - Auroae (textures) to your GameData (Fallout 4\Data)
  • Hit the "Add to Vortex" button!
  • Keep in mind to select your chooice of nightsky (example: 5 - Auroae) during the Vortex installation

Manual Tasks: During Vortex installation

  • True Storms
    • Select your DLC
    • Glowing Sea: x2
    • Far Harbor: x2
    • Sunset: Earlier
    • Foges: New Heavy


I want to ask other curators to create other modules, covering other options, for example "Module 2 - Enviornment: Vivid" or "Module 3 - Fusion Girl"

Modules should be kept as small as possible (Mod & Size wise), while covering their specific "task".

Why modules you may ask? Because I believe in options and customization, which modules allow a lot better than "all in one" collections with 200 mods.

Last but not least, NSFW taged mods should be kept as their individual collections, or at least be optional within a collection. With the exception of Body-Mods like CBBE, where I belive that just because someone wants a body, does not include that they want sexy/skimpy (NSFW) clothing as well.

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