Upgrayedded Environment and Visuals

Upgrayedded Environment and Visuals

A complete standalone environmental and visual overhaul for Fallout 4 designed as a companion to Fallout Upgrayedded but usable with your own mod setup.

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Upgrayedded Environment and Visual


It isn't required but this was created as a companion collection to Fallout Upgrayedded

Main features

  • Enhanced color correction
  • Binary tweaks for enblocal.ini and enbseries.ini
  • Enhanced lighting
  • Natural landscapes with grasses and ground covers
  • Amazing reflections
  • Trees
  • Fog
  • Volumetric lighting
  • Incredible water effects
  • Darker nights
  • Retextures for basically everything in the environment
  • Illuminated billboards
  • ENB support
  • Natural and Atmospheric Commonwealth
  • MCM Settings Manager

Before you start

Download the latest ENB binary, v0.4.78 at the time of writing, and extract the included .dll files to your game's root folder

Off-Site Requirements

The latest ENB binary

Best practices
  • Crank your graphics all the way up then dial it down for performance

Recommended specs

My setup is a 980 Ti with 32 GB Corsair Vengeance RAM and a Ryzen 5 3600 3.5 GHz 6-core 12-thread. I run with 50% upscaling (rendered at 1707x960 and upscaled to 2k). The following options were applied to my GPU to test this mod. I get a pretty steady 60fps with a few minor drops and lags in areas that are both heavily populated and heavily modded.

Actor Fade: 15.000

Ambient Occlusion: NVIDIA HBAO+

Anisotropic filtering: 16x

Anti-aliasing: TAA

Decal Quantity: High

Depth of field: Standard

Display Mode: Full-screen

Distant Object Detail: Ultra

Godrays Quality: off

Grass Fade: 1.000

Item Fade: 10.000

Lens flare: on

Lighting Quality: Ultra

Object Detail Fade: Ultra

Object Fade: 20.000

Rain Occlusion: On

Resolution: 1707x960 (upscaled to 2k)

Screen Space Reflections: On

Shadow Distance: Medium

Shadow Quality: High

Texture Quality: Ultra

Weapon Debris: Off

Wetness: On

NVIDIA Multi-Frame Sampled Anti-aliasing: off

Compatible collections

  • Fallout Upgrayedded
  • Sim Settlements collections
  • Just about anything that doesn't do what this collection does.
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