Fallout 4: Radioactive Edition

Fallout 4: Radioactive Edition

Basically Fallout 4 Improved. Bug fixes, weapons, gear customization, some faction tweaks, SS2, stuff like that. Disclaimer: the title is just because it sounds cool and gives off the vibe of a new release of Fallout 4 if Bethesda "remastered" it or somet

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Makes Fallout 4 a good game with immersive mods, lore friendly weapons and gear.

Main features

Sim Settlements 2 + Chapter 2, Nina's Proper Pipe Weapons, Handmade Weapons, Level Up Menu, INSTANT DOORS, etc.

Before you start

Definitely start a completely new game for this collection, it changes unique weapon spawns which is the biggest reason for a new save.

Requirements F4SE but you should already have that :P Any other requirements will automatically download with the collection, so you should have a relatively easy time installing this.

Recommended specs

This collection runs fine on my laptop which has the specs below, save for a few locations such as Boston where frames are hard to come by regardless of mods. I've yet to test this collection on my much more powerful desktop.

  • RTX 2060M
  • 32GB DDR4
  • i7-9750H

Compatible collections

I've not tested other collections, but my best guess is that anything that simply adds standalone content should work fine.

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Sep 05, 2022
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