Bare Minimum Anime collection
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Bare Minimum Anime collection

The bare minimum mods required to anime your fallout 4.

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Aug 16, 2022


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A small collection of the bare minimum mods to give you the anime experience in fallout 4, so you hopefully don't have to spend a few hours getting it to work like I did.

Intended to act as a baseline before installing other collections / mods.

Main features

Turn yourself and the NPC's of the commonwealth into anime, what did they put in that radiation?

Before you start

If you're starting a fresh save only select your sex in the bathroom, nothing more! Then confirm character, and type SLM 14 into the console to actually start customizing, after changing the preset with A / D. IF you've already got a save, then simply type SLM 14 into the console once you're in, change your preset, and get going.


  • F4SE (Fallout 4 script extender) - Essential to modding fallout 4.

1)Download from

2)Place it in X:Steam/steamLibrary/Steamapps/Common/Fallout_4 (Or right click on fallout 4 in steam and click Properties, Local files, Browse.)

  1. Extract everything into that folder
  2. Launch fallout 4 from the F4SE_Loader.exe in the future.

Best practices

  • Brush your teeth before bed.

Recommended specs

A computer that can process the page you're reading this on.

  • GPU yeah
  • RAM some
  • CPU optional.

Compatible collections

Shouldn't be any conflicts with other mods unless you try to install another anime mod that overwrites this one.


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