Insomnia Bob's Super Hard Horizon
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Insomnia Bob's Super Hard Horizon

The Horizon Mod, plus a pile of weapons, patches, and other tweaks designed to be the ultimate challenge. Recommend you play Horizon on Survival, with the Desolation option enabled.

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Jul 03, 2022


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I compiled a collection of mods, centered around the Horizon mod, meant to increase the game's difficulty, while still being balanced and fun.

This was put together for my regular Twitch playthrough:

Main features

The Horizon Mod, plus a large list of weapons patched to fit into said mod. Plus Elianora's Armor (with Horizon patch), a Survival Needs HUD mod, plenty of weapons and armors from CROSS, and even some Settler tweaks.

More will be added to the collection as I continue to stream this over on, as long as it's stable.

Before you start

Review the Horizon mod's readme, it changes a LOT of how the game plays, and brings in more in line with the difficulty of Fallout 1. This will require a brand new save file. It changes WAY too much to be useful on your existing saves.

Requirements All DLCs.

Best practices

  • Recommend you install this on a clean install of FO4. I have no idea what mods might break this, but considering how much is changed with this collection, it's more likely than not. Add additional mods at your own risk.

Recommended specs

-I play this mod on a GeForce 3080. I don't know if you'll need anything that serious, but your mileage may vary.

Compatible collections

Anything that adds new weapons or armor to the game is likely to at the very least mess with game balance, so I don't recommend it.

Horizon changes pretty much everything in Fallout, so any mods that don't have a Horizon patch are suspect.

Purely visual mods, such as texture packs, should be fine.


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