Pleasing Fallout 4

Pleasing Fallout 4

A hardware-friendly lush visual overhaul for Fallout 4.

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This collection aims to make your fallout look more beautiful (although that is subjective) whilst also running on average hardware. IMO It's not really lore friendly since the trees and such but if you remove that it would be fine. Also, make sure to check out the optional mods I left, they don't necessarily fit in with this collection but they work well with it.

Important side note: In the screenshots, I used an enb, firstly; I installed that enb years ago, secondly; I have no idea what one I used. I believe it's SweetFX ( after checking my files though.

Script Extender is not required, only if you get some of the optional mods.

What specs do I recommend?

Honestly no Idea but it runs on my laptop with a small amount of lag (it's dealable) If you remove some of the texture mods it also helps with performance, but for reference my laptop has:

  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050
  • RAM: 8gb
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-8300

Photo Locations :)

1: around boston airport

2: drumlin diner

3: around diamond city (past the junkyard with the dogs)

massive thank you to all the mod creators! i've tried modding and it is so difficult so fair play to you guys ! also, the image quality is low because i had to take those photos with my phone, my pc refused to save screenshots for some reason lol

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Aug 13, 2022
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