Nuke'Ems Western World
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Nuke'Ems Western World

Experience Fallout with a western theme, including new weapons, outfits, workshop builds, music and even new systems.

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Apr 21, 2022


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Welcome to an all new look at Fallout 4 like never before. See the commonwealth wasteland envisioned as a desert and badlands inspired world right out your favorite westerns with Nuke’Ems Western World mod collection. Experience Fallout with cowboy and western inspired weapons, armor, workshop building options, and even new sounds and music to make the game feel like something new.


• New world space with the Desperadoes and Badlands Overhauls

• Hours of new music with Hudd’s Tracks brining in and combining 4 music mods

• Dozens of new weapons from the old west to weapons a modern cowboy would carry and even some future weapons with the western or steampunk flair

• Shoot like a cowboy fanning your revolvers whether shooting iron, lasers or even plasma

• Weapon replacers to change out many of the vanilla weapons with something new and new unique weapons added to the world

• New workshop building options to make your log cabins, adobe houses, and hundreds of other new build options

• Western style outfits to equip your settlers with, or even rock some outfits like the Courier duster and the Mojave Manhunter in style

• Level your character in new ways with You are Special and Perks 76 to gain new perks based around your skills that you invest in

• Survival options to overhaul your game to fit your style, or even change how your food replenishes you

• New creatures to fill the wasteland straight from Fallout New Vegas

• New systems to immerse yourself in the world with Hunting and Fishing

• Upgraded blood textures, crits, and even live dismemberment for your enemies

• Fight off all new types of raiders and supermutants with overhauled factions

• Change your HUD to what you want it to be with FallUI

• Better looking and more varied NPCs, don’t see the same old looking settlers every time you turn around

• Start your adventure how you want and who you want to be with Start Me Up

Go to this YouTube link to see a teaser video of this collection

For a more in depth look, head hear

Requires: Fallout 4 Script Extender available at

All DLC except the High Texture Pack

Best used on a clean install


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DLC Required