Module 02 - ReTexture (1+2k)

Module 02 - ReTexture (1+2k)

Retexture vanilla and optionaly DLC content, smaller than original files + more details

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While this collection improves the texture details, it also reduces the texture file size from 17.5 GB to 9.6 GB, which results in faster loading times (compared to other HD overhauls), better FPS and less shuttering.

Load Savegame Test: In front of the Good Neighbor entry
Without 0:45m
With    1:08m
GPU     76-80% usage
  • CPU: i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz (from 2017)
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • GPU: GTX 970 4 GB
  • VRAM: ~2800 / ~4000


While I do like this collection for its file size, there are some texture changes by the mod author, that I do not like as much. Furthermore this retexture uses up to 8 esp slots (with the DLC pack)!

Allthough Vortex does create a backup of the texture files, my credo is: Better safe than sorry.

So, before installing this collection, open your <DataDir> and backup your *-textures.ba2!

Which are: (15 files)

  • Fallout 4 - Textures(1-9).ba2
  • DLCworkshop(01-03) - Textures.ba2
  • DLCRobot - Textures.ba2
  • DLCNukaWorld - Textures.ba2
  • DLCCoast - Textures.ba2

They will get overwritten, and if you use any other retexture mods, it could happen for them to not be properly restored. In which case they can only be restored by either "verify game files" or reinstalling the game.


I want to ask other curators to create other modules, covering more options.

Modules should be kept as small as possible (Mod & Size wise), while covering their specific "task".

Why modules you may ask? Because I believe in options and customization, which modules allow a lot better than "all in one" collections with 200 mods.

Last but not least, NSFW taged mods should be kept as their individual collections, or at least be optional within a collection. With the exception of Body-Mods like CBBE, where I belive that just because someone wants a body, does not include that they want sexy/skimpy (NSFW) clothing as well.

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