Module 01 - Tools

Module 01 - Tools

Additional Tools that might be essential and some quality of life!

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The most important tools for players and mod frameworks for other mods.


  • Armor Smith Extended & AWKC : Depencies for many mods out there in the wild.
  • Bodyslide & Outfit Studio : Allows to modify the body of player and NPC/followers. They are the only out-of-game tools, which we'll configure down below on how to start from the Vortex-Dashboard, after the installation of course.
  • Clean My Settlement -Redux- : Awesome tool to clean your settlements of veins and other garbage via Holotape without breaking previs.
  • Transfer Settlement : Save and Restore your current/previous settlements, but does not remove resources. (Holotape)


  • Concealed Armor : With some outfits, it really bothers me, but other times, I do want to see the the armor pieces.
  • DavesMods ESP Explorer : Hotkey F11, A very nice to have, but it should NOT be used with mods that are script heavy, like - but not limited to - SimSettlements(1,2). Furthermore, do NOT remove midgame and try to re-add later on, as to my experience, this wont work anymore. If you add this, keep it till the end!
  • StopSetAtk fomod : On a new game (hit New on the Main Menu), you will not have any settlement attacks (other than "hard scripted" ones) will NOT work when added mid-game!
  • Cheat Terminal : Well, what do you think?
  • Nuka World Map : if you got the DLC : Just like Map 4k, must have if you have the DLC
  • Nuke Skip raiding your own settlements : Allows what it says

Either one of:

  • Start Me Up : Skip the intro or start elsewhere (might break quest, but has more options)
  • SKK Fast Start : Skip the intro (more stable, but has no options)

Manual Settings:

In order to have Bodyslide available from the dashboard, we need to set it up "manualy".

  • After installing this collection
  • Hit the Dashboard button on the left hand side
  • Look for the entry "BodySlide"
  • Hit the 3 dots and select "Edit"
  • Copy-paste your GameDir or DataDir path from any explorer (something like: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4)
    • Change to Data\Tools\BodySlide
    • Select: BodySlide x64.exe
    • Click on "Open"
    • Click on "Save"


Modules are small and specialized mod-collections that aim to be interchangeable to tweak your per-game preferences. If there is more than 1 Module available, it is a recomendation, but either one MUST be installed (example: Module 10's, either FG or CBBE)


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