YAML + Clan Tech

YAML + Clan Tech

Built off the YAML Basics collection, but added clan tech back into the mix

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I was using the YAML Basics collection, but clan tech mods were removed and I wanted to keep them. So I added them back in and created this collection.

I added in a couple mods I think are either kinda fun, (42's mech's of beauty) cause I like the Dapper Atlas.

Main features

YAML focus, cause YAML rocks. I am torn between the Clan Invasion mod, or just the YAML clan mechs mod. I'm testing with the two, and will likely update this collection with whichever I prefer. I've marked them both as non-required. But I do recommend at least one of them.

Before you start

view which mods you may want from the non-required mods. Some, like the weapon effects mod is personal choice. I like it, others may not.


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Best practices

  • Having fun. Smashing mechs with fists or swords or directed energy.

Recommended specs

My machine is decent, but I think it'd run on anything that can run Mech 5.

My specs are

  • GPU - 3070
  • RAM - 48GB
  • CPU - I5 10400 or something like that.

Compatible collections

No testing done, so I have no idea.

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