TGC Noobshack - MW5 Collection

TGC Noobshack - MW5 Collection

You don't know us. Use this if you want.

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TGC Noobshack MW5 Collection If you're not part of our collection of nerd gamers, you probably won't like it. Then again, people have strange tastes so maybe you might? I dunno.

Main features

Just a pack that has better looking stuff, more things that make boom, more clang, more explosions (by Michael Bay), and the standard Yet Another ML/WC/W mods. Shaders, FX, textures, etc. You get the idea. The optional stuff is obviously optional. Turn on what you like, it was just stuff that several of us enjoy using so I figured someone else might too. The equip-able sensors are kind of redundant when paired with YAMLs stuff, but they have their uses before the YAML stuff shows up on market or you get poor inventory selection at them.

Before you start

Go pet a cat.


  • I've noticed that textures for damaged mech parts tend to not show up (they're invisible). YAML problem, maybe? I dunno. Happens occasionally. Annoying, but not game-breaking. Just shoot the scorch marks, I guess? Common sense.
  • There's a conflict warning with YAML and Co-op Unlocked. No issues that I've seen so far.
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