Mobility and Quality of Life (v12)

Mobility and Quality of Life (v12)

This collection aims to make the game experience smoother and to reduce the time between quests and between fights a quest, and to make gathering quests more fun/faster. No mods in here are intended to give an unfair advantage on gameplay.

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Updated for Sunbreak!

Fixes the game not starting after installing the collection.

Main features (you can pick and choose, all are optional)


  • Skip the intro logos!
  • Skip the online content warning!
  • Choose:
    • You can skip cooking and eating cutscenes, making eating instant, kind of like in MHW with Skip Dango Song;
    • You can skip going to the canteen altogether with AutoDango, getting the food bonus again automatically when returning from a quest;
    • You can use both mods to skip going to the canteen for food buffs (AutoDango), and also skip the Motley Mix animation(Skip Dango Song);

UI improvements

  • Search for an SOS until you find it! No more "Failed to join quest session" messages;
  • Cutscenes will be at whichever FPS you use normally, no more 30FPS cap;
  • Village Reminders will alert you when you need to visit the Buddy Plaza, the shops, or quest/subquest NPCs;
  • Change food buffs in case you ate the wrong dango set by mistake with Seconds, Please;
  • Your lobby music won't get interrupted by the Sale music when you get near a shop;
  • You'll be able to tell when you're hitting a weakspot easier with Correct orange numbers;(;
  • The monster/rampage music won't get interrupted by the generic Wyvern Ride music with No Wyvern Ride Music;
  • Equip both equipment and layered sets at the same time, similar to how it worked in World;

General improvements

  • Your Insect Glaive buffs will not wear off while you use Rampage installations, or while you chase a fleeing monster;
  • You can use two palicos and still move almost as quickly as Palamute riders when using a Gunlance, thanks to the blast dash cap removal (you still have to mind your ammo). The mod is disabled while in battles by default so your battle experience stays the same;
  • You get unlimited wirebugs for moving around the map, making for fast gathering quests. Your wirebugs will automatically become normal again when fighting and/or when online to avoid gaining an advantage over players and monsters.
  • You will respawn at the nearest camp instead of at the start of the map thanks to Nearest Camp Revive.

Other suggested mods

Since PAK mod support in vortex has been broken for quite some time already, I unfortunately had to remove those mods from the collection, otherwise your game would be stuck on a loading screen.

So here I will list mods that I definitely recommend, but you'll have to download and install manually.

  • Convenient Spiribirds: I would include it in this collection, but the problem is that by default, it also triples stat gains from spiribirds, which I think will give you an unfair advantage as if you and another player take the same route, you'll be better buffed by the spiribirds at the end. I do recommend it if you install and edit the file with notepad to change the local SPIRIBIRD_MULTIPLIER = 3 to 1, making it not multiply anything, just increasing your max stamina when getting a stamina spiribird.
  • Layered Armor Progression: A great mod that I use and would also include in the collection, but since it warns about making a backup of your save, I figured it was best to leave it here for you to consider separately. I'm pretty sure it's safe to use though, and it never gave me problems.
  • Monster Weakness Icon Indicator for SUNBREAK: Makes the monster's biggest weakness appear in its icon! Super handy. Used to be in the collection.
  • Gems - Decorations - Sorted by Skill Name or Gem Name: Also really helpful because the original sorting order doesn't make any sense. Used to be in the collection.

Compatible collections

Other collections can be installed alongside this collection, so don't worry about that.


I usually look for new mod releases to add to the collection, but you can suggest mods to be added via comments to the collection if they more or less fit the description (right below the title).

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