Worldly Improvements

Worldly Improvements

Bare essential mods for quality of life improvements. Vanilla-esque and safe for multiplayer.

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A Bare Bones MHW Iceborne List

Welcome to Worldly Improvements. This is the Vortex Collection version of the original guide, containing only the mods I dubbed as "Essentials." As stated in the guide, the Essentials portion will only cover mods that are bare necessities. Most of these should be used even if you don't plan on heavily modding MHW, in my humble opinion. These mods should greatly improve your PC experience, while neither deviating from Capcom's intended gameplay nor affecting others online. TL;DR: You won't see new monsters, combos, gear, or items in this mod list.

When to Install (or Uninstall)

Be sure to equip your first weapon before installing! You should wait until you've gotten to Astera, after the initial intro, and equip any weapon before installing my Collection. There is a bug in one mod that causes the game to crash if you try attacking before equipping your first weapon. If you've got an iron will, you can simply resist pressing attack button until then. After getting to Astera, this will never become an issue again.

Worldly Improvements should be safe to remove or add whenever, in my experience. However I grant no warranty or guarantees.

Steam Guide

Worldly Improvements was initially a list published in the form of a Steam Guide. The original Steam Guide version is here. If you'd prefer to simply get some mod recommendations and have further customization, you're welcome to go read the list on Steam and mod on your own instead. (You can also feel free to read the included mods in this Collection, and use them as suggestions, of course.)

Multiplayer Support

Everything in this Collection is 100% safe for multiplayer. World does not give online bans often, unless it's something egregious like a one-shot mod. For your convenience, I've separated mods that could theoretically affect others in online play into their own section of the original Steam guide. They aren't included in this Collection.


By using mods, online or off, you do so at your own risk. Because of this, you might want to look into how to backup saves that you plan on keeping regularly. Additionally, there is no warranty. Neither the curator (i.e. me), nor the authors included in any Collection, are to be held responsible if you break your game in anyway or if you're banned from online servers. You've been fairly warned.


While you're welcome to use Worldly Improvements as a baseline for further modding, please note that this Collection is intended as an "all in one" package. Mix and match with other mods as you please, as it's your game, but be prepared to fix issues.

Lastly, should you plan to use further mods on top of this Collection, I'd suggest removing Clarity. It replaces some of the vanilla files for items and skills. It's edits are handy on their own, but it could cause conflicts later if you install mods that also replace them.

Happy hunting!

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