A collection for OpenMW with a Vanilla+ goal. Includes many bug and inconsistency fixes and lore-fitting content created by the community. Tamriel Rebuilt, OAAB, Beautiful Cities of Morrowind, Tomb of the Snow Prince, and mods that cooperate with those 4.

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A collection for Open Morrowind with a Vanilla + goal. Includes many bugfixes, inconsistency fixes, and lore-fitting content created by the community, such as Tamriel Rebuilt, OAAB, Beautiful Cities of Morrowind, Tomb of the Snow Prince, and mods that cooperate with those 4. Works with TES3MP and OpenMW_VR.

Main features

Tamriel Rebuilt, OAAB, Solstheim Tomb of the Snow Prince, Beautiful Cities of Morrowind, Many bug fixes, inconsistency fixes, and additions for the sake of immersion, Concept Art-based changes, Content distribution of the DLCs, Tamriel Rebuilt, and OAAB to make the whole experience feel consistent. A pre-merged Mashed Lists.esp is included for those who do not know their way around Wrye Mash.

Before you start

There are some manual steps (Editing ini, enabling all mods in the launcher, running mlox, running the settings importer in OpenMW, and enabling the OpenMWaddons). If you have issues with the collection, please comment what your problem is. If something has been missed, it will be corrected.

Requirements A fresh install of Morrowind with OpenMW configured is strongly advised. Also, you will want to create a new profile in Vortex and enabled it to download this collection to. Make sure all of your mods are UNINSTALLED in Vortex. Disabled is not enough and can cause issues.

Best practices Only this specific set of mods has been tested, so if you install or remove mods or change how the mods in the collection are configured, your mileage may vary. If you have access to the console, clicking on an object and running the command "ori" will tell you the origin of the object. This can be used to determine what mod has placed the object in the event of a strange collision, etc.

Installation instructions (See pictures)

You will need to add the following lines under "Archive 1=Bloodmoon.bsa" in your Morrowind.ini :

Archive 2=PT_Data.bsa

Archive 3=TR_Data.bsa

Archive 4=Sky_Data.bsa

Archive 5=Stav_MaGAO.bsa

Nexus NEXT

The Morrowind.ini is located in your root Morrowind folder (one level up from your Data Files folder).

To enable weapon sheathing, you will need to enable the setting under the Visuals tab in the Advanced menu of OpenMW

Make sure you check the box for "Stretch Menu Background" under Interface under Advanced in the OpenMWLauncher for wide loading screens.

Load Order

Get mlox from here: https://github.com/rfuzzo/mlox/releases/tag/1.1.5 and put the exe in your Morrowind folder. Before running Mlox, make sure that all of the mods have been added to Morrowind.ini. You can do this by launching Morrowind through Steam and checking the box for each plugin.

Next, run mlox.

Now you can run the OpenMW launcher, go to the settings tab, and click "Run Settings Importer". Go back to your Data files tab and make sure all the mods are checked (you will need to check the box for "Punibi Fix.omwaddon" and "Of Eggs and Dwarves.omwscripts") . You will need the latest build of OpenMW for the Of Eggs and Dwarves scripts to appear. Can be played without, but best experienced with. If you are not using or cannot use the latest development build of OpenMW, I recommend uninstalling Of Eggs and Dwarves. Click play and you should be all set!

Steam Deck

For best results, get this collection running on a Windows machine first (I will update these instructions if and when I try this collection from the ground up on the deck.

  1. Install Morrowind.

  1. Run Morrowind, make sure the installation was a success.

  1. Replace the contents of the Morrowind folder with the contents of your Windows Morrowind folder (where this collection is installed)

Optional 3b. Install this collection through Vortex on the Steam Deck (UNTESTED)

  1. Install OpenMW through Discover

  1. Launch OpenMW and direct it to your Morrowind folder.

  1. Run the settings importer with the Collection's ini file to set your load order up.

  1. Make sure all mods are enabled (should be if you run settings importer)

  1. Go to Advanced

Under Visuals, check the boxes for Use additional animation resources, Weapon sheathing and set Viewing distance to 3 cells. Under Interface, you may also want to increase the GUI scaling factor (I use 1.25).

  1. Add OpenMW Launcher as a non-Steam game.

  1. Edit the controller settings, browse community layouts, and select OpenMW Steamdeck Layout (Mouse + Gamepad) by Graham Cracker. This is the layout I use.

  1. Enjoy

Compatible collections

None at this time, but a compatible Better Bodies collection is in the works. Stay tuned for the MWSE version of this collection.


Big thanks to RandomPal, Armagets, and MelchiorDahrk for their help in shaping this collection, as well as all of the mod authors whose mods make up this collection. If you enjoy the collection, please consider a visit to the pages of the mods to share some kind words.

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