Saltrice and Sujamma

Saltrice and Sujamma

These are vanilla-friendly mods that aim to modernize and stabilize OG Morrowind, plus the occasional touch-up for good measure. For use by the discerning gamer.

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This collection was made with the original game's engine in mind. I do not personally use OpenMW anymore, so this is mostly for the handful of people still playing in the original engine. Outside of performance improvements and the like, I selected things that feel "vanilla-plus," on their face. There are a handful of inclusions some may find objectionable, but for the most part, I have tried to faithfully implement only changes which improve upon the experience of the vanilla game's intended flow. There are some minor visual and gameplay adjustments, and I decided to try out some concept art-centric additions that I felt livened the game unintrusively.

I did not, on a technical level, want a sprawling mass of mods that require a lot of work to wrangle. These and any additional revisions I make are meant to be relatively easy to install. I am very much opposed to doing this much work outside of the curation of this collection, so I usually don't use more than a dozen mods to begin with. If it became any harder than this to do, I wouldn't do it. So if you like things to feel like the original game in spirit and you're not here to do much work, this is the collection for you.

Mod List

  • Adamantium Armor
  • Arukinns Better Books and Scrolls
  • Better Dialogue Font
  • Better Questlist
  • Blighted Animals and Darknuts...
  • Blighted Blight
  • Cliff Racer Frequency Fix
  • Comrade Raven's Book Arts...
  • Concept Art Daedric Helms
  • Concept Art Dunmer Helms
  • Concept Art Ghostfence Replacer
  • Concept Art Ordinators
  • Concept Art Palace - Untouched...
  • Concept Art Palace - Vanilla...
  • Containers Animated
  • Continue
  • Creature VFX Restoration
  • Creeping Blight
  • Dagoth Ur Fix
  • Easy Escort
  • Gender Equality Stats
  • Ghastly Ghostfence
  • Graphic Herbalism
  • HD Concept Art...
  • I'll Level Up Later
  • Idle Talk
  • Just Drop It
  • LockBashing
  • Lore-Friendly Ghostfence...
  • Melchior's Magnificent Manuscripts
  • MET
  • MOP
  • More Barter Gold
  • No Thank You
  • Ownership Indicator
  • Patch for Purists
  • Project Atlas
  • Remiros' Groundcover
  • Shrine Tooltips
  • Signposts Retextured
  • Speed and Stamina
  • State-Based Health
  • The Publicans
  • Transporter Lights
  • True Light and Darkness
  • Unstretched Videos
  • Velothi Wall Art
  • Visible Alchemy Success Chance
  • Visible Persuasion Chance
  • Vivec Concept Art Based Face...
  • Weapon Sheathing Additions
  • WeaponSheathing
  • Weather Adjuster
  • Yet Another Guard Diversity

Before you start

MGE XE, MCP, and MWSE are necessary for this collection. I recommend the version of the MGE XE that comes bundled with the MWSE. Follow relevant instructions from the creators and during installation where prompted. See below for specific notes on the MCP. Also, Unstretched Videos gave me some trouble for a few minutes. You may need to play around with that a bit, but provided you patch the game before you download the collection you should be fine.


  • MGE XE (download the version that comes with MWSE)
  • MCP (tick Separate Axe Inventory Sounds, Creature Voiceover Enable, and HD Cutscene Support in the Mod Specific patches)

Take Note: Remiros' Groundcover requires that you run the distant land wizard in MGE XE with its associated plugins enabled (Rem_Solstheim, Rem_BC, Rem_AC, Rem_AI, Rem_AL, Rem_WG, and Rem_GL), but do not enable these in your load order.

Recommended specs

I built several optimizations into the list, but you may still need a relatively new machine. That being said, you have more control over the graphical strain of the game through your specific choices in MGE XE than the modlist does. The enhanced textures and ground cover will be the largest stressors, and that can be mitigated by loading fewer cells at a time.

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