Dominion's Immersion Collection

Dominion's Immersion Collection

This is a colleciton that will be ever evolving as more Morrowind mods are added to it. This version of it is designed for those using only the vanilla copy of the game. Compatible with OpenMW and MWSE if in use.

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Hello and welcome to Dominion's Immersion Collection designed for those looking for a Vanilla + experience! This will be an ever-expanding collection as more Morrowind mods are created in the future. You will find a bit of everything whether it is new NPCs, quests, places, items, and lore.

The current mods (as of Revision 1) Include:

  • Solstheim Abandoned Shack
  • She Who Sells Potions - Gnisis Potions Seller
  • Mage's Guild - Ring of Stamika
  • House Telvanni - The Forgotten Apocrypha Expansion (v1.01)

Using this collection has the following requirements:

  • Bloodmoon
  • Tribunal

Breakdown of the mods currently included:

Solstheim Abandoned Shack: Off in Solstheim you will find a shack near the docks. Who lived their currently? Was anything left behind? There is no quest in this mod, only an interesting environment encounter.

She Who Sells Potions - Gnisis Potions Seller: Near the Silt Strider there will be an Argonian by the name of She Who Sells Potions and she is an apothecary. There are numerous useful potions there that might come in handy in your travels, or for the various quests in the game. Even parked there with a pack guar to carry the merchandise.

Mage's Guild - Ring of Stamika: An Evoker by the name of Mari-i Telde has arrived at the Mage's Guild in Balmora with a new enchantment she has created. She will offer it to you if you can prove yourself with your combat magic skill and a simple fetch of crab meat. This is available at any rank, and she can also provide Buy/Sell, Enchanting, and Training services.

House Telvanni - The Forgotten Apocrypha Excursion: House Telvanni has a history of dabbling in the Daedric planes, with Divayth Fyr exploiting ancient Telvanni portals in recent history. As a member of House Telvanni, you can start your journey in Hermaeus Mora's snowy version of Apocrypha in the Entrance Hall within Sadrith Mora's Telvanni Council Chambers. You will meet numerous NPCs in a brand new guild hall, encounter quirky new spells, acquire your own room and new enchanted items, and have a chance to read about Divayth Fyr's time when you earn a copy of The Doors of Oblivion, Part 2. This mod ranked 14/21 in the Morrowind Winter 2022 ModJam. NOTE: Current release is in a rough spot. Actively developing to fix some of the quirks in the terrain, populate it richly, and give many lore-friendly and original stories as one would expect from the vast book library Hermaeus would have.

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