1.8.0 True Armies of Calradia

1.8.0 True Armies of Calradia

A small mod collection aiming at making RBM and TAC work and a few tweaks so Taleworld's math doesn't kill all your calv in a simulated fight.

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Just a small collection for people trying to play True Armies of Calradia

Main features

RBM AI and Combat overhauls are the big mods with TAC changing the troops once more.

Before you start

Make sure you read what the combat mod does for RBM and see if you'd prefer their troops to True Armies of Calradia. TAC goes for a more peasant levy style (while still allowing you to pick up an army of the elite but at more steep cost)

Requirements Of course you need the 4 main mods (Harmony, Butterlib, UiExtender, Mod Configuration Menu) but also the RBM Combat module, Ardonnay's Troop Changer, and True Armies of Calradia

Recommended specs

  • GPU I'm using a 1050 ti
  • RAM I ran this with 8gb before my ram upgrade
  • CPU I use the Ryzen 5 1600
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