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This collection strives to make Bannerlord what it was meant to be. It won't make you shoot laser beams, but the changes will make you feel like you're playing a new game. I've kept this collection simple, no unnecessary mods that will conflict and crash.

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Important: some mods will be on Steam Workshop, I will include a list at the bottom.

I play this collection for a while and its crash-free, known issues will be added, make sure to read them, but if you have any reports about crashes which may occur, know that I may not be able to help you unless I have faced them before and know the fix. Always try pressing attempt to continue game upon crashing, it works 70% of the time.

Main features

Most memorable and impactful mods

Banner Kings

  • Very needed revamp to the kingdom system; countless changes such as laws, culture, lords, new clans, council , knighting.
  • Added a great deal of depth to managing and owning fiefs. Also adds new buildings.
  • Adds claim and title system.

Realistic Battle Mod

  • Completely revamps AI, makes them much more challenging and intelligent both in battle and in duels.
  • Changes how weapons and armor works, you now have to rely on thrusts when fighting armored enemies, archers are no longer over powered but are still a very relevant part.


  • Adds a beautiful range of mechanics to play as an outlaw
  • Allows for scheming and plotting even without being an outlaw.
  • Adds great features for sieging and on the campaign map.

Scatter around expanded

  • The scatter command is actually useful now, you can set positions for troops using the H key, delete using the V key and rotate with Q and E. Very useful for archers and sieges.

Arrow cam

  • Middle mouse button when throwing or shooting something to see your arrows POV.

RTS Camera

  • Press L to see a RTS cam view of your battle if you wish to temporarily or always fight your battles this way. Allows you to fast forward while alive, allows you to switch characters upon being knocked out.

Better time

  • Very useful for travelling long distances or waiting.


Before you start

The mod order isn't strict except for the first mods before the main Bannerlord modules, RBM before armoury mods and their patches, and diplomacy before Banner Kings.

Download the following mods on steam workshop:

  • Swadian armoury and RBM patch for it
  • Molochs Duels
  • RTS camera (not the simple version, the one with a few chinese letters in the title)

Known issues: Banner kings sometimes causes the game to freeze 10 years into a campaign. I haven't faced this issue with the latest version and as it's regularly updated I don't think it will be an issue at all. If you do get the freeze, try to disband your army, or get out of the hostile territory you're currently fighting in. You can also reload an older save which helps sometimes.

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