YoungEmpire 1.8.0

YoungEmpire 1.8.0

New modpack for 1.8.0 created for anyone who wants a cool modpack and can believe it is somewhat stable.

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Updated all mods I could and removed a few that didn't seem to do anything besides crash. should be working fine now, if not please let me know and i'll figure out what needs to be messed with. (Moving to newest update, Thank you everyone for the support, I hope to provide a great modpack again and hopefully less crashes and issues ^_^ Glory to the Empire of our own making!)

before you start

I'd recommend going into mod options and looking through Xorberax's Legacy, as it has ALL of his mod and have been updated by another user to be used for 1.8.0, I'd recommend disabling which ones you aren't keen on, I'm not to keen on realistic death because when I get smacked abit to hard I don't want to make a new game :P.

other than that I have also disabled "gunner's rising" in the launcher as I'm not to interested in guns in my game but if you all are feel free to enable it. :)

if you don't want super overpowered and cheap workshops just disable the profitable workshop mod it's put in for the users who really hate the money grind and just wanna run huge armies with ease.

manual patch mods

RBM patch for vaegir armoury

BUTTERLIB (temp fix) (follow directions listed by author)

how to patch

vaegir armoury Open file manager for vagir armoury by right clicking the mod in vortex and opening with file manager> modules> vaegir armoury>Module data> paste in patch and REPLACE old items xml with new one.


Some of the armor values aren't fixed to RMB standards and the patches end up crashing the game at this time I'm sorry about that. some mods require perquisite other mods that Really need the patch but just can't get them at the moment, I left them all in as they were a core part of the game as well that I personally enjoy, so I'm sorry about the armor values being alittle out of wack on most armors, When a reliable patch comes through I'll throw it in but at this time please I hope you all still enjoy the modpack and you can disable RMB and any mods you wish to fix it to your liking.

If you get an errors from better exceptions window and it says this,

  • Reasons Source: TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

  • Inner exception Source: No module No inner exception was thrown

That means it's simply a taleworld base problem and has been happening to people as well as it doesn't reference a "module" which is a mod. Just relauch and try again and make sure everything is in the right spots.

load order

Some people still seem to be crashing so I'll show you my entire load order that I have and please REMEMBER to disable RDM if you want the calradian more troops and mercs mods instead if not DISABLE those from vortex and redeploy your mod list.

Load order Is no longer working on vortex as it keeps auto sorting it after I release the correct order no matter what I do so please use regular launcher

please put profitable workshops at the bottom if you are using that as well and replace DE RE MILITARI with " more troops and mercenaries - calradia more troops" and "calradia more mercenaries" and everything should work fine.

  1. harmony
  2. betterexceptionwindow
  3. butterlib
  4. uiexenterex
  5. mod confix menu v4
  6. native
  7. sandbox core
  8. custom battles
  9. sandbox
  10. storymode
  11. birth and death options
  12. adjustable level up points
  13. adonnay's troop changer
  14. dismemberment (plus) 1.8.0
  15. distinguished service
  16. true noble opinion
  17. true relations
  18. (rbm) realistic battle mod
  19. DeReMilitari
  20. useful companions
  21. bannercolorpersistance
  22. changing culture
  23. barbarians rising
  24. calradia-lords rising
  25. darkforces rising
  26. gunners rising
  27. knight rising
  28. swadian armoury
  29. calradian reforms: the armory
  30. calradia rising armory
  31. dragonrising
  32. vaegir armoury
  33. fourberie
  34. perfect fire arrows
  35. surrender tweaks
  36. xorberax's legacy
  37. balanced tournement armour
  38. scoutingmovementspeed
  39. companion party control

mods that work but need to be manually installed (vortex compatible) (DO NOTDOWNLOAD VIA VORTEX MANUAL ONLY)

mod instructions

(to be filled if needed)

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