Bannerlord Overhaul Mix v1.0.x

Bannerlord Overhaul Mix v1.0.x

A collection based around Bannerlord Overhaul. I just have this uploaded for personal use but I really want to contribute back to the modding community somehow.

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This collection uses 6 of his mods but you should be able to still play without them. Hopefully everything works out and we get to see his great mods open back up!

I uploaded his mods that I use for this collection at my GitHub page if you really want to use them.


I still need to mess around with the load order to fix as many CTDs as possible. With that being said, I want to thank SlaveToTheGames for his collection Bannerlord: Ultimate Modpack for introducing me to some mods and also for his load order. Check out his collection @

With that said, let's begin!

Add manually (and read instructions):

Features AND Settings to take note of:

  • Tournament Auto Wager mod - Change the amount of denars to 500 in the config file. 500 is the default wager amount in Arena Overhaul. After a while, tournaments are easy to win, so any higher and I think it's just cheating.
  • PLAY IN SANDBOX. Not sure if Campaign mode is stable!
  • Max battle size 800 or less. I crash in battles at the max battle size, but haven't crashed at 800.
  • Nvidia DLSS - Disable. It is bugged.
  • Friendly troop Banner Hotkeys - Press Left alt in battle to view friendly banners. You may need to change the default opacity of friendly banners to get this to work how you want it.
  • Crouch to Sprint 2.0 - If you're on foot, use your crouch button (default is Z) to sprint.

Some weapons/armors can only be accessed from the cheat menu. If you want, you can disable the extra weapon/armor mods since they're not essential.

Mod Options:

  • Realistic Battle Mod - In the main menu, go to "RBM Configuration" and...
    • Under the "RBM Combat" section...
      • Module Status - Disabled (this collection isn't completely RBM patched yet... though I might make it so in the future)
      • Troop Overhaul - Inactive (Bannerlord Overhaul takes care of this)
      • Ranged reload speed - Default
      • Passive Shoulder Shields - Default
      • Better Arrow Visuals - Disabled
      • Armor Status GUI - Disabled
      • Realistic Arrow Arc - Default
    • Under the "RBM AI" section...
      • Module Status - Default
      • Posture System - Default
      • Player Posture Multiplier - User Preference. I personally use 2x.
      • Posture GUI - Default
      • Vanilla AI Block/Parry/Attack - Default
    • Under the "RBM Tournament" section...
      • Module Status - Disabled
  • Now go back to the main menu and click on mod options. I will just go over settings you should change. Most are optional, but I will mark what is necessary by putting NECESSARY in each change.
    1. Random Events - Settings
    • Max minutes between events 60
  • NECESSARY Auto Resolve Rebalanced
    • Apply Mod to AI battles - UNCHECK
    • Polearm Bonus to Mounted - 100%
    • Ranged Bonus to Unshielded - 100%
  • Bandit Militias (settings from ultimate modpack)
    • Daily Training Chance - 20
    • Growth Chance Percent - 40
    • Growth Percent - 5
    • Spawn Chance - 50
    • Change cooldown - 12
    • Random split chance - 20
    • Max item value - 45,000
    • Ignore weak parties - 100
    • Global power - 187
    • Disperse militia size - 10
    • Mergeable party size - 30
    • Minimum size - 100
  • Battle Regeneration - This is an optional mod.
    • Regeneration Model - EVE Online
    • Heal to Max Health - Check. You can cheat with this option, so use at your own discretion.
    • Time Before Regeneration - 1.5
  • Better Save/Load - Personal choice. I increase both save limits and set "Trigger" to Both.
  • Better Smithing Continued (not sure if these were default numbers to begin with)
    • Crafting Stamina
      • Recovery rate inside towns - 100%
      • Recovery rate outside towns - 70%
  • Bodyguards - All of the settings here are user preference EXCEPT:
    • General Settings
      • NECESSARY Use Controllable Formation - Uncheck. It's incompatible with something.
  • Cultured Start
    • Skip TW Logo - Check
    • Skip Campaign Intro - Check
  • DeadShot Mod - Optional mod. Kinda cheaty.
    • Slow Motion Factor - User preference. I prefer 0.7
    • Activate With Zoom Only - Check
  • Diplomacy
    • Civil Wars
      • Minimum Time Between Civil Wars in Days - 60
    • Kingdom Diplomacy
      • Minimum War Duration in Days - 2
      • Declare War Cooldown in Days - 10
      • Non-Agression Pact Duration in Days - 20
    • Messengers - Some consider this cheaty. Set travel time to max if you think this option is cheating, but I believe increasing travel time and cost balances this mod out pretty well.
      • Messenger Travel Time in Days - 7
      • Send Messenger Gold Cost - Max (10,000)
  • DismembermentPlus
    • AI can dismember - Check
    • Everything else is user preference. I disable Dismemberment Chance and enable Dismemberment Realism.
  • Heal on Kill - I just use this mod personally. Settings are user preference, but I enable medicine skill gain.
  • Hideout Plus
    • General
      • Daytime Attack - Check (thank you so much)
      • Send Troops - Check (thank you so much)
      • Send Troops when Wounded - Check (thank you so so much)
  • Kaoses Tweaks - This mod is huge. Pick whatever you want, but below are my recommendations.
    • Battle Tweaks - Check
      • Hideout Tweaks - Check
        • Hideout Battle Troop Limit - Max
        • Continue Hideout Battle On Player Death* - Check
        • Continue Battle On Losing Duel* - Check
    • Party Tweaks - Check
      • Player Caravan Party Size - Check and set to 60 troops
      • Party Size - Check and set to 70%
        • Leadership Bonus - Check and set to 30%
        • Steward Bonus - Check and set to 30%
      • Pregnancy Tweaks - Check everything except duration.
        • Pregnancy Chance Tweaks - User preference. I increase Max Children.
    • Prisoner Tweaks - Check
      • Enable Missing Prisoner Hero Fix* - Check
  • Realistic Weather - Turn "Chance of Fog" values to 0% for ALL sections. We need the fog OFF
    • Arena - Check the Rain option
    • Multipliers - User preference
  • TimeLord
    • General Settings
      • Days Per Season - 90 (max)
      • Time Multiplier - 0.30
  • True Army Costs - Set all sliders to 200% (max) except "Recruitment" should be at 0%
  • True Battle Loot
    • Core
      • Check all the boxes
    • Companions Share
      • Loot Amount - 0%
    • Gold
      • Group Leaders - 50%
      • Leaderless Groups - 15%
      • Bandits - 15%
      • Maximum Amount - 10,000
  • True Item Values
    • Ammunition
      • Arrows 70%
      • Bolts 90%
    • Armor
      • Body Armor Value - 125%
      • Head - 80%
      • Hand - 60%
      • Leg - 80%
      • Shoulder - 50%
    • Mounts
      • Combat animals - 150%
      • Harness - 50%
    • Materials - 200%
    • Shields - 100%
    • Weapons
      • Thrusting + Slashing + Light Combo + Heavy Combo - 100%
      • Maces & Bows - 120%,
      • Crossbow - 140%
      • Thrown weapons - 50%
  • UnarmedDamage
    • Mod Config
      • Unarmed Damage Difficulty - Hard
  • XorberaxLegacy
    • Cut Through Everyone - Check (optional)
    • Deadly Horse Charge - Check and set to 2.0x
    • Honest Work - Check and set Payment Limit to 2,500 (max)
  • Yell to Inspire
    • General
      • Enable in Any Mission - Check
    • Cooldown Gameplay System
      • Base Ability Cooldown - 60 sec
    • Tuning
      • Base Enemy Chance to Flee - 5%

Main features

Bannerlord Overhaul with a bunch of other mods. My modding ethos from high to low priority is:

  1. Stability (this mix is still in beta so the stability is questionable. I would personally rate it around a 7/10 but haven't gotten deep into a save yet).
  2. Adding complexity to vanilla with reasonable mechanics that don't cross the 'cheating' line.
  3. Personal additions (that are optional but will most likely break lore).

Before you start

  • Read the bottom of the page to import my load order.
  • Even with Better Save and Load mod, SAVE MANUALLY CONSTANTLY. A modlist this large is guaranteed to CTD - that's just the nature of the beast!


  • Patience.

Best practices

  • It's OK to update mods that have minor updates. In fact, I recommend it. Just check if you need to start a new save and make the decision yourself.
  • Try to remember what is causing your game to crash, then report it. Try to report it specifically to the mod causing the crash.
  • Try starting a game before creating your character to see if it crashes. Start a custom battle as well.

Load Order

  1. Go to my GitHub page.
  2. Download the project as a zip file.
  3. Extract the file titled "bomloadorder_rev4.bmlist" anywhere.
  4. Open the game. BUTRLoader should be your default launcher. If not, install it.
  5. Import "bomloadorder_rev4.bmlist" by selecting the import icon on the lower left of the launcher.
  6. Activate all the mods by clicking on the checkbox on the top left.
  7. Disable Birth and Death Options (this is optional but I never played with it so I'm not sure about its stability).


  1. Go to the load order file page directly in the GitHub project.
  2. Copy and paste the contents in notepad.
  3. Save as "BOM.bmlist" (the important thing is the file extension here).
  4. Import the file you just saved from BUTRLoader by selecting the import icon on the lower left of the launcher.
  5. Activate all the mods by clicking on the checkbox on the top left.
  6. Disable Birth and Death Options (this is optional but I never played with it so I'm not sure about its stability).
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